Samstag, 18. Mai 2013

Maya Ibuki ( EVANGELION ) Unboxing

Hello Friends,

i am lazy, i know but i am not in the mood in the moment to write about figures. I have many to show you and i promise i will do soon but at the moment i am not really well. But i hope you will enjoy this little unboxing here anyway.

Today i reunite a "couple again". I got a +Maya Ibuki for my +Ritsuko C. Akagi figure ^^
I think those two were made for be together in my shelf <3

So here we go. I got her from e-bay in Germany. It was the cheapest way to get her. Maya has not much figures so i took the Gashapon which were she made in her cool uniform. Matching to Ritsuko in her lab coat ^^
I took her with two different lights. Which look better ? She is very small so there is not much options to take great pics, but anyway she is a cute adorable figure. Let´s turn her to the side and look how cute she is. She is holding her Notebook and look hopeful. I think she is waiting for Ristsuko <3

She look adorable and cool. But she feel so lonely and so i think it is time for a bit company. 
So i get her her secret love at her side. Here they are. The two are really a great copule together, right ??? <3 <3 <3

Maya is a bit small, but she seems happy now Ritsuko is here. I mean they both are made to be together. But i think there must be a bit more company. Want to have a peek on upcomming figures you see next here ? Sure the are from EVA.
How about a cheeky Rei-chan at their side ?^.^

Big grin, i mean the three are cool. But i think there are never to much figures. So i show you another girl which you see soon. Sure a EVA character, and for sure the best one. A cute Asuka <3

GREAT. You see it was worth to wait a little for a new unboxing. Next week i show you a few more figures, i promise and more pics. I hope you enjoy the little unboxing and you had a nice week.
I wish you a nice weekend. See you soon and please be lovely to anyone <3

Thanks for watching my little unboxing,