Sonntag, 12. Mai 2013

Sada-chan miss the old times.....

Good morning friends,

it is Sunday in Gensokyo and i am happy to transmit my Sada-chan live and instantly to the real world to you ^^
Here she comes.

Some of you would as what is Gensokyo.... very simple, a fictive world based on the game Touhou. It is my home now, as part of the "melt down both worlds" project. You know i am still try to mix my reality with my fictional and it works more or less. 
I mean live if much more exciting if you extend the senses and expand your reality. 
At the moment my chracter is in a condition i hope my real life will never get in. I must deal with a situation when i can not handle and some others too. Sometimes i really ask myself if my project not go to far ? But when i see that i change my real life in complete different directions cause of my actions than i am really surprised how dreams can change your daily life.

The posting from the last weekend for e.x. (remember the question to wife for set up a family) is a direct results of my thoughts of the digital world. I never could imagine a family, but see a family grow just digital changed my mind, and so i use many of my things i learned in my world inside the web for outside world. Believe it or not, it affect my life in positive ways. Digital world is a practice without the risk to fail, and that give safety for my reality. Cool thing, agree ???

Anyway that is not the point today. I am today a bit in the "i miss old times mode". Inspired by my current plot and my life in real world. 
Life become fast and rush aways like a highspeed train. I mean, it is may 12th, and in my feelings the new year start just a few day ago. Time rush, and so rush my life. Not get me wrong, i LOVE to become older, i enjoy the days, but it is very interesting to see how all become fast and the live-span become shorter. I miss the quiet days from the past sometimes. World is centered on go on, and sometimes i miss the point where world stand still for a short time. These moments become rage. I personally think we should all take a short break from time to time and think about the past and remember the things we already had. The good and the bad facts. I personally miss to see the world, my time runs so fast that i not left my hometown for more than a year. I am really enjoy to live here, but my heart want to see the world again, but this dreams are short and not last long after they finished. So i decided to travel, but in an other way. I start the journey which last a lifetime, i start a family and if i want to travel i go in my little world i have here. 
That is a good solution. But i still miss the times back than, my trips to Tokyo, or Paris, just to be in another world for a few days. OK i plan to travel to UK this year, and that trip will end the my part of carefree life. I bound myself to my hometown and set my priority to another thing. But it is wrong to miss it from time to time ? I don´t know. 
So a part of me will always miss the past, cause it was a big part of my life. But if i look in the future i see a bigger part of my life in advance and i have a smile on my face thinking of that. 

I miss the old times, but i am not sad when i remember of it. I cherish the old times cause it gave me energy and hope for the future.

I wish you a nice sunday out there in the reality.

Love what you do now cause in a moment it is past,