Sonntag, 19. Mai 2013

Sada-chan is serious ..... ?

Hello Friends,

Sunday is time for Sada-chan.
Here she is, and she is sweet ;)

Today i am a bit unsure. I mean i am still working on develop my family.
See, i am sure i want kids now and sure i can handle all the problems which could happen. But after so many years of doubts on myself and doubts of my wife if i mean it serious we both have a bit problems to take some things serious.
I mean i think wife say to easy "yes i am sure" and i say to easy "yes i am honest now".
See, to much fun can make trouble if it comes to the serious part.

Anyway i must try to take it serious, and wife must try to trust i have change about my opinion to have a family now.
A step we both can do now ? We will never regret it if we do it ? We are absolute sure for all time ?
No, i donßt think so. There is no "absolute sure for all time" in the world, there is only an "absulute sure now". One exception of course. We both sure that love last forever.
If you see it from this point we are sure about the kid. I mean if we give him love this works on the kid too. We never regret our love, so we will never regret the kid, right ?
A simple logive. As said many times. If you include love in a thing ,you can master almost everything.

I always thought in jealousy of a kid, cause my wife will give love to children, and not only to me anymore. But i am changed my mind rapidly, cause i learned one sure thing. Love does not lower if you share it, it doubles and come back twice as strong ^^

So i am serious about this all ? I think so, but i am not sure. But if i close eyes and listen to my heart and think of all what could happen, i have a smile on my face, so not bad, right ?

I wish you a niceand lovely sunday <3