Montag, 15. April 2013

Danbo Mini Pepsi ( Yotsuba ) UNBOXING

Hello Friends,

let´s start the week with a little cute UNBOXING.
I have a sweet little figure for you friends. Have a look at the sweet Danbo ^^
This order was from j-list, one of my best known services. Normally they are expensive, but the danbo was there at a reasonable price ^^

A Robot made of a box come in a
Anyway he is a cute little friend, you agree with me ?

No, this is no part of the figure, this is still the packaging. Funny made and this make me curious about the figure inside ;)

Another shot of the package. Really made with a bit more love <3
I like it when packaging is made with a few details, this make me even more curious about the content of the box.

Here, he is at last. Cute little friend, isn´t it ?

Right side view. I think he looks so flat, but this is only the perspective *lol*
He is really well made and look very realistic ^^

Wow, the print is amazing. For bad no "coke" version, but pepsi is fine also. 
It is really well made and full of details.

The other side show another cool detail. He has a built in electronic, so you can light up his eyes O.O
Yes this look amazing. I show you later.

Just look a bit closer on his head. I think it is really good and look very realistic of course. Like a real box.

The pepsi logo is cool and very clear printed and i think for less than 20 dollars including shipping it was worth the price ;)

Lights on, here is Danbo ^^

You like him ? I do for sure. And i hope this little figure let you start the week with a little smile on your face.
See you soon with more sweet figures ;)

Love more, live better,