Mittwoch, 17. April 2013

Asuka Langley Young Ace ( Evangelion ) UNBOXING

Hello Friends,

i am just in the mood to show you a sweet Figure.
A waifu, a Asuka, a real beauty ^^
Got her from a german retailer cause magazines are heavy and i want save postage. In the end import is cheaper anyway so i ordered the matching Rei to her in JP directly and save 500 Yen.
She come with the Young Ace. This magazine is not always good but this time it has cute EVA stuff inside so it´s worth a look.

We are heading straight to a cuteness-overload with those pics. But enough magazine. Look at Asuka.

She come in a nice package and you have to assemble her yourself. No worries it is easy but if you make this with own hands it give her the love she deserve ^^

You  see you have to make her alive. So let´s do it and make her smile ^^

WOW, this is great. The figure is much smaller than the other girl from YA magazine i have here, but she is cute as hell and well made. Let´s have a closer look at her.

Auska in her plugsuit is still one of the cutest girls around the anime world.  I mean, did you ever seen a girl which look so hot in red outfit. I am not <3 

This pose is perfect. And the cool. Her hand has a special pose so she can be displayed together with Rei. You will see when i show you Rei-chan in the future ^^

Her hair are really cute and make her irresistible. I love her very much. So cute and beautiful <3

Wow, she has such a perfect body, i love this She is really the cutest girl in EVA so it is no wonder why i fall in love with her very fast ^^

This looks cheeky, you agree with me ? I love her expression. Let´s see her from the front to see her nice eyes.

Wow, this is really great. I want to give her a kiss intently but that could be the last i do, you know she is a little tsundere ^^

I hope you enjoyed to see her, and i will show you the Rei which is matching to her very soon.
I wish you a nice rest of the week.

Love and be loved,