Sonntag, 14. April 2013

Sada-chan should take it easy....

Hello Friends,

as it is sunday it is always time for Sada-chan. I was on a little trip yesterday so i am still tired and today the weather is great so i will not write long, cause i want enjoy the sun.
But here is the weekly Sada-chan:
Look a bit scare, but beautiful at the same time. I love this pic, don´t know where i found it but it is well made ^^

This week was ok, nothing special but ok. But sometimes i come to a point where i found out that i take all a bit to serious. 
I take it to serious when i get critics, no matter if this happens IRL or in DL (digital life). 
I take is to serious when i think about my relationship and about my jealousy but those points i could not lower, even i wish i could.
And i think i take this whole meltdown of digital and real life sometimes a bit to far. 
My intentions was that i take the best of both worlds and melt it down, and i am a bit shocked how well this works if you live it straight and put both worlds together in the daily life. 
But sometimes i think it go a bit to far and i take it all to serious and lose sense for what people call reality.
So it was a helpful event that i had a little quarrel with my wife this week, which causes a digital cutoff for an whole afternoon. I mean really a cut-off. No internet, no smartphone, no connection to digital world.
In this 7 hours i missed the other world for sure, but not to much. Reality is still the best.
The life between reality and digital is always close on the edge between far and "to far", if you know what i mean. But at this 7 hours i found out that i still in the "far" position and could live really well without that whole stuff is i want it.

But i come to another conclusion in the end. I should not decide to stop or to continue my little experiment of meltdown both worlds. It makes much fun for sure. I should only take it more easy and more as a little fun. Not take all 100 % when 98 % are perfect too ;)

As for all in life. As long as it make fun it is a good think, no matter how much it kills time. But if you think it interrupt your life, take a short break and watch back and decide wise.
I did this the last days and i decided to go on with this way but a bit , a little bit more relaxed.

Wish you a nice and lovely sunday,

Shinji-kun ^^