Sonntag, 3. März 2013

Starry Sky after spring PSP + limited PETANKO Mini UNBOXING

Hello Friends,

today i have a nice little unboxing for the girls. I am a Petanko collector so i collect everything from this series even i am not really a fan of what come out. Anyway this figures i will show you up are cute, but don´t ask for details of the characters, i simple don´t know any. I just got this game for the cute PETANKO figures.
This Game was a ANIMATE exclusive Version, only to get with the Petanko at this store. That make the ting complicated cause Anime website is fully japanese and NOT ship outside Japan.
So i placed an order on a website which i not really can read and let this unknown item ship to my Tenso warehouse *grin* I am proud it has arrived in a perfect condition, and that i have not get a fruit basket instead of a game cause i ordered something wrong *grin*

Yes this was a big package and a expensive EMS postage, but my wife had fun with it so it was worth the price. Let´s have a look, i can hear some little boys in there which want to get out ;)

Oh there are a few Tenso gifts inside. A cute calendar and a lottery for a trip to JP. I have not won it, but thats not important, lets look at the contents i am a bit nervous when i get Petanko stuff even it´s only a bunch of guys today, but Petanko are always sweet ;)

YES, that look like a limited BOX. Up for sale was 2000 pieces, so this figures are rare and hard to get in the future, a i like it ;)

Let´s turn around and see why i want to get it. You see the animate logo as a sign of exclusive sale. And what you see also ? Yeah this PETANKO are not from Penguin Parade, they are from honeybee, what ever this company is. All what count is the cute Petanko style *grin*

Yeah, the Pre-order bonus is a nice poster. I always like such stuff. The poster is well made and a guy is at least a eye catcher for my wife. So it´s good to get this anyway. Let´s open the box ;)

Looks like much contents. Try to see whats inside and what make this box so precious <3

This is the game package. If you buy this game NOT limited you get this. Let´s look at the game or a bit.
Normal game case, this is not special but nice made if you are a bit a yaoi fan. I am not, but i like pink color so it´s for me *grin*

Oh chibi´s , thats my style even its boys. Thats cute and make the game nice for me. I must play this soon ;)
Thats the limited second UMD from the first release. Well and cute made and the perfect thing. A GIRL at least (we turn back soon to see HER).
Yeah, a sweet girl, so i am happy and have something good for my eyes. I will try this UMD to play first *grin*
Oh now LIMITED content. A book with nice illustration. Wanna look inside ? Sure we go <3

But enough of side content, lets see the main reason why i bought it. I want the little guys and they are scratching the box already *grin*

This look cute, agree ? I want to see them :)

A cute package make fun and make me happy and cheer me up for the unboxing. Here we go <3

If i am a girl i would say "cuteness-meltdown" but as i am a guy i just say "very nice and cute" ^^

Away with the plastic and lets see what we have here. Yeah you see clearly the difference in quality between this manufacturer and Penguin parade. This figures are not bad, but they are more shiny than the penguin one´s.
You see the cute guy is well made but the quality is not so high than the original Penguin one. But i like figures with some character, so i don´t mind that fact. I love this cute little guys and will give them a good home <3

Cute hair and cute outfit *grin* This one is a very nice figure for sure.

Look the details. Not so high like the real Petanko for sure, but still enough to explore ;)

The belt is a funny and sweet feature at this one. I like that. And he has nice eyes. Let´s have a closer look ;)

Cute, definitely - you like him ?

Or you prefer green-yellow eyes ? The smile is heartwarming for sure <3

Cool pose and well made. The little fingers are cute as hell, i want to look closer at him, so lets turn him around too ;)

The hair a a bit tricky but it´s ok it give him some charm and character, so i don´t mint either ;)

From behind the hail look better and the whole figure looks perfect made. 
Yeah i think the guys was a good buy <3

Little ears and a cute face. Thats make me happy and i am happy to share them with you ^^

Brown hair and blue eyes ? Like that ? I do :)

This one is made very well, the quality differs at this guys but i am not mind as said before. They are all cute and nice to watch them.
I like the funny hair of him and i really like how well he is made. Agree that he is the cutest of this three guys ? 

OMG the cheeks.... YEAH he is the cutest for sure. Let´s look closer to him <3

Yeah definitely i like him very much. So it´s time for another shots of the group.

Cute little trio, right ? Which one you like most ? Time ti get a girl for them... here we go <3

Your see the difference between the boys and the girl. The boys are shiny the girl not. So the quality of the original are higher. But they look very nice together. And the little girl is happy to have some guys in the same size as her <3

I hope you like this cute little boys, i enjoy this unboxing much. I wish a nice sunday and finish with my phrase.

Be lovely to each other,