Sonntag, 3. März 2013

Sada-chan must decide ....

Hello Friends,

Sunday is Sada-chan time. You wanna watch her, just switch on TV ;)
                          (Sada-chan is in TV - source pixiv) 

Last weeks i spend much time with my character in my NERV role-play. It is like back in teenage days when i did this regularly in AOL Forums or in my IRC groups. The nice fact is that my wife is attracted  of this cool world too. Thats fine. Share a hobby make it more fun. For luck my wife and i has much similar interest. Our love to JP, love to Anime and now the role-play ;)

Today there was a nice discussion in the Game some of our other player wrote "What if you must decide to save the world or me, what would you do ?"

Mhhh, hard to decide to save whole mankind or the one i love. To be honest, i must say for me an easy decision. I would ever save the one i love and forget about this world. I am a normal guy in a normal world, and i have no intentions to save all the world. I tried this many times. But the world not care for me most time´s so i can set priority to the people i like and love. If i spread love to this world, i will change the world. Maybe this change will be slow and take very long, but a change made on the base of love will be better than a fast and loveless one *grin*

Anybody has a priority in his live, mine it the LOVE and how i can protect it. But maybe you think its something different. What ever it is for you, as long as your priority is making you smile it is legit ;)

I wish you a nice Sunday my friends,