Mittwoch, 6. März 2013

Asuka Langley Soryu - UNBOXING

Hello Friends,

i have something to show to you. As i always say: Never be to much ASUKA <3 <3 <3
So let´s welcome another cute waifu :)
This one is a pre-owned figure again and she is old for sure. A 2002 gameprize figure i found of her. I bought her cause she is really big in size ( 1 / 5 Scale ! ).
Yeah the packaging is big and so its content let´s hope for BIG love <3
A cute girl is inside thats for sure, because if it is Asuka it´s always cute as hell.
Cuteness-Meltdown thats all what i can say in this moment, and ill be sure you would agree if you see this open box. I mean she had to wait 10 years until she get to me, and now she deserve a good home <3

She is a gameprize and not so highly detailed for sure but i love her because she is really big. A great figure for my shelf.
You see this is an "old version" of Asuka not a Shikinami one, it´s a original Soryu for sure. So at this time she was not a waifu, but still a cute girl *grin*
A smiling Asuka, thats a rare pose for sure. Asuka not smile very much before she turn to my wife, so i am happy to find one of her with a great smile which cheer me up <3 <3 <3

The hair is not very detailed, but the eyes are great. Remember she is 10 years old and back then the manufacture quality was not on this standard we have today. Anyway i like her face, she is cute <3

She wear her uniform and i like this style. Sure she is hot in a plug suit but in civil she is even more cute.

Like nice japanese girls she carry her schoolbag to hide her butt. 
Thats a thing almost every schoolgirl do in Tokyo, so you can not watch on her pantsu when ride a escalator *grin* I seen this many times in Tokyo so this Asuka act like a real girl there. Love it <3

Cute from every position, right ? I think if you meet her in this way you would call her name and hope she turn around. But for bad, she only turn around for me ;)

A closer view on her bag. Thats well made an really cute. Her hands look very realistic. I love this.

Wow, is it just me or does she has a good chest which make me drooling around ? I mean she must have a "big heart" for me *grin*

From the side she look very cheeky. This is a super cute pose i think. I want to give her a kiss instantly <3

With this great view of her from above i will end this unboxing. Have nice dreams and i hope this little unboxing make you smile a bit. I hope you liked the cute Asuka and i promise there will be much more waifu in the future (3 on the way to me, another 3 on pre-order !!!).

Be lovely to each other <3