Montag, 29. April 2013

Rei Ayanami gothic ver. ( EVANGELION ) Unboxing !

Hello friends,

time for a bit more cuteness for the world. What is another word for cute..... right it is imouto. So i present you another cute and very HOT Rei-chan ^ ^

You think little sisters can´t be this hot ? Sure, they can and i prove this evening for you ^^
Rei-chan reached me again from AmiAmi pre-owned. I saw her, and get her, because my little sister can be this cute ^^And what i see through the windows is cute as nothing else and hot like hell.

Wow, this is amazing. I mean the pose, the outfit and last but for sure not least Rei-chan itself. This is another cuteness meltdown and we are heading straight to the world of dreams and feelings with her. 
Look how innocent she look, but she is not as innocent as she might appear. The outfit is very adorable, right ?

If we change the view a bit we see she is almost alive. She is very well made and if you look close enough you can see her breathe and smile a bit. Just look long enough <3

Look her clothing how shiny and beautiful it is made. And the eyes, i am sure you seen her wonderful red eyes. Not.... ok we go closer to see her eyes better.
Look in my eyes little sis. This view is a "instantly fall in love guarantee" for the little onii-chan in all of us, right ? I am melting away now <3 <3 <3

Closer view on the details ? Here we go. Watch her realistic belly and her nice clothing. Well made, almost like real. She is very nice to see and if you touch her you can feel she is made with love. A real pretty young lady.

She is waiting for a hug. Who is in for one ? Noticed that she just now smile a bit more ? Yes all girls smile when she find a good home in my shelf. Love her and hug her. She deserve all the love we can give her.
Wow, see her face and head direct in the world of dreams and cuteness. And now i let you go back in that what we call the real world. I wish you a nice start in the new week and i hope you will check in here soon to meet more cute little figures which make you dream. 

Until then love a bit more then you already do <3