Mittwoch, 24. April 2013

Asuka Langley pajamas baby ver. ( EVANGELION ) Unboxing

Hello Friends,

i think it is time for a little more love, so it is time for a little unboxing again.
Today i present you a very cute version of waifu in a special cute outfit. I am sure you would lover her, cause i am lover her much ^^
Big box is a guarantee for a big love inside. Again i got this cute girl from the AmiAmi pre-owned for a very reasonable price <3

This is really a cutie do you agree with me ? I mean Asuka alone is hot enough, but in this outfit we are heading straight to a cuteness-overload <3
It is noon here, but when i see her i want to got to bed and cuddle with her instantly. She is really well made for a game price. Extreme lovely and with cute details ^^

Look at her feet, this is really well made with much love. Her outfit is cute and make her very adorable. The post is perfect to hug her and dream with her, i am in love <3

Lift you nighty *lol*
This is well made, but she only lift it if nobody look. So sorry folks, i am not show her panties for you, she deserve love, no drooling ^^

She bring a cute teddy with her. And what i like most is her smile. She is so cute when she smile. We not see Asuka much with a smile, but in my shelf, every girl smile instantly. A good home with much love is the key for a smile of course ^^

Wow, look he wonderful face and her eyes. This is the direct way to my cuteness-meldown. Ever seen so cute eyes and such a wonderful girl ? You must look long to find something so innocent and sweet like Asuka. A tough girl with a good soul <3

A better view on her teddy and her wonderful feet. So cute, and so lovely. 
Want more details ? Get them ^^
Ever wonder if Asuka take her interfaces off ? Yeah she does, but she take this cute things instead. Wonderful and nice made ^^

Wow, that is love in it´s perfect form...... oh no, you can peek under her nighty :/ 
Ok but not tell anyone or she will get mad *lol* 
With a great view in her wonderful eyes i will say goodbye for today. Enjoy this view and fall in love with this wonderful girl. 

I hope you had fun with Asuka and enjoy to watch her. 
See you soon with much more girls ^^

Love is the key,