Montag, 3. Juni 2013

Sada-chan hate change ? ....

Hello Friends,

sunday and therefore another time of Sada-chan. 
Wanna see her... here she is ^^

    (Loooool to funny so i must post her - actually i work on a 13 " MBP)

Today i bring up a topic which guide me since i was born and which will guide me until until i die.
I talk from the fact that everything change. I personally know that we can stop the time, and the fact that things change... but sometimes i really wish that i can slow down the world a bit.

I always thought i can live this live how it is until the rest of my day. Live careless and free till the day of infinity, but facts changes and life go on.  I hate that the world changes. If a situation is good why change some stuff ? Why ever try to get things better and better if the are good already.

I mean if we try to improve day by day, we can never be proud of the tings we have, right ?
What we have is precious and we should sometimes stay still and watch back and smile and be happy with all the goals we reached until today.

World is running faster and faster and sometimes i would stop just all. One of the main topics if my book is the fact that the main hero want to hold a perfect moment for infinity ?
Would i do this in my current life ? I think no, but i want to keep some facts of my current life in the current state.

Now i am on the edge of a major change of my life, and as much i fear it, i am also curious what happens next. So maybe change is not bad at all. In the end i have my past always with me, deep in my hear. My memory is one of my most precious treasure ^^

I hope my future will be as much exciting and bright as my past or present. If this come true, i will be happy and always smile. And if the future is not as bright as now i have a perfect person at my side which make it bright for me again.

With this thought i can sleep every night with a smile on my face. Love in heart and ideas in mind, that is the key to a good future.

Love more, live better,