Samstag, 23. März 2013

Rei Ayanami Dark Brigarde ( Evangelion ) UNBOXING

Hello Friends,

time for imouto, time for a cute Rei-chan ^^
Rei is technically my mom, but i prefer to see her as little sis, and if i got a new figure of my imouto i am always happy. 
Today i have a very cute version of her. Remember the cute Asuka a while ago ?
For luck i find the matching Rei-chan for her and today i will show her to you ^^

Ready for imouto cuteness ? Let´s start the cuteness-meltdown <3
This packages are always the same. I got them twice a week and i am always happy to welcome new little dreams to my shelf. 
I always wonder where dreams come from. Now i know it. The come in boxes with a "fragile" print on it and mostly from AmiAmi *grin*

Hehe, thats Asuka, didn't i say something about Rei ? Yeah right lets flip the package and see the true content. Oh and the girl in the back is an Asuka for sure, but i show her later. Today is Rei-time ^^

Blue hair and red eyes, combines with a wonderful outfit. We are heading straight ahead a cuteness overload, don´t you agree ? 
This box contains a dream we dream together now ;)

Yeah, i like it when the Box show cute art, cause it make me curious about the real content. A good Figure come in a cute box, thats a rule of nature. 
The dark brigarde girls are not appear in the series, idk if the are fan-made or something like that, but i like them from the start, so i needed the matching Rei for my Asuka.

Here come the queen. She really look like a queen and she is cute as a goddess for sure. I see her and wanna cuddle with her. Thats really cute and full of love.

OMG, i got a heavy nosebleed from such a nice girl. I mean not only the cute Rei, i love the whole setup of her. The nice outfit and the cute little angel at her feet. She is called "dark brigade" but she is not dark after all. I think she is cute, extreme cute ^^

She is a bit skinny but her chest is an eye-catcher *grin*
A cool detail are her weapon and the bottles. They are real translucent, thats rare at price figures. Rei-chan cost less then 1000 Yen so i really must say she was a very good buy, you agree ?

Here you can see her purrrrrrfect shape and have a better view on her weapon. I like the cool base too. I hate it when Figures come on a loveless and to big simple white base which kill the space in my shelf. But Rei-chan come on a cool base which make her look better <3

Noticed the little angel at her feet ? Well made i think, i present details later. From this side Rei´s face look very adorable and lovely. I want to give her a kiss instantly. She is so sweet <3

Details, details, details !!!
Here you see her bag with the bottles. Look realistic. Thats cool made and match perfect to the scenario. A very well made figure. Funny, look her sweet little legs in this big boots. 

Here the angels and the translucent weapon. So perfect made. I love it when figures come with much details so i must look a bit longer to see them all. It happens very often that i see the most details just after i watch the pictures my wife made (yeah, Asuka make the most pics for my unboxing).

Why you blushing little sis ? You look so cute so no need for. And i am sure you can take good care of yourself, right ? If not, you are safe now in my shelf. And you have a Asuka on your side for the fight against the angels ^^

WOW, these eyes look direct into my soul. I this cute face, and i am sure if she stay a little longer at my home she will smile very soon. She is a bit shy, but in my shelf all girls smile after a while, cause the are treated with love.

I hope you like the cute Rei-chan i show you, and i promise to show you more cute girls very soon.

Love everyday more ^^

Shinji-kun <3