Sonntag, 7. Juli 2013

Sada-chan trading dreams....

Hello Friends,

SUNDAY - time for Sadako ^^ YES YES <3

Sorry it is not halloween or something but i just i love the pic.

See friends, world is about love, that is what i always. Love, dreams, and hope. The 3 basements of a good live.

I love my wife, i dream of a family, and i hope for a future. See i had a dream in the past. Those who know the blog from the start know that my dream was to move to Japan and live the live i only dream. Want to be in a land where i belong to and live the live i like.
But time changes and dream change too.

I quit my dreams about moving. So this blog come to an end after all. No no you will see more unboxings soon and read my weird stuff. But the original reason for this blog ends today. My dreams will now be moved to reality. I trade one dream for another. I trade Japan for a new life. I trade my weird attitude for some serious. I trade the careless life for responsibility. I will have a new dream.
I will expand my love. And how could i do better than create new life with the person which i love more than ever.
I will have a kid soon. Let´s hope that fate is nice to me and fulfill this dream. I can´t wait to hold the ultimate prove of my love to my wife in my own hands. The moment when time stand still is not longer on the bridge over Sumida river in Tokyo. The moment when my time stand still will be the birth of my kid now. A journey for the rest of my lifetime. The only options to make my love to my wife deeper and stronger.
Two become three. The we way we go together we will share with the result of our love.
You know that love doubles when shared. I will spread this to the world.
I will teach my kid that if you act with love in the heart and live your dreams you maybe fail sometimes, but if you act with hate you fail for sure anytime.

People, i will write more about my family in the future. I give you my hand and guide you REAL LIFE in the world of my dreams. I am sure the day my dream come true is close, soooo close. I have hope in my heart and i am sure i can create a dream you all can see soon.

Wish me luck, love more and make this world a lovely place for all of us.

Shinji-kun <3