Mittwoch, 10. Juli 2013

Asuka Langley summercasual ver. ( Evangelion ) UNBOXING !

Hello Friends,

the heat is raising and so i present a very HOT waifu today to make it even more hot for you <3

Yes, there is always time for a hot waifu, right ? <3 Asuka is always worth a look.
So less words (not really in the mood to write a long story ) and more pics ^^

AmiAmi as always. My real #1 source for good cheap figures.

Cute, cute. Such a nice windows and such a nice and hot content. Instant love ! <3

The box is great, the figure inside make my heart beat faster. Let´s get her out ! She needs love <3

Well made. She is a Kotobukiya form 2005. You see she is well made, but she can not reach quality standards of Kotobukiya from theses days. Anyway, compared to 2005 figures from other manufacturers (i have some here !) she is perfect and lovely <3

Her details are nice and realistic. Look at her toes for ex. ! She is made with love, and she is really a cute girl in my shelf <3

Here you clearly see some marks from the making process of the figure. You would not find such stuff at actual Koto figures, but it is really ok. She had a retail from about 3500 Yen, half price of a Koto figure now, so it is really perfect. ^^

Those hair ..... priceless ^^ I love her hair. She has a bit much blonde inside this version, but maybe it is just the bright sunlight at the breach ;)

Nice eyes and a perfect body. So cute. I like her much this way. A perfect date on a hot day at the beach. Would you take her out ? i do for sure !

She is really detailed for a figure from 2005. Watch her headphones and her top. Great and lovely made.
I love her because it is one of the few figures where she has no interfaces in her hair. Here she look like a normal hot girl <3

Such a heartwarming smile let me melt away. What about you ???
Did you like the cute Asuka ? Sorry she is already mine, but i hope you loved to see her.

I wish you a nice and lovely week,