Donnerstag, 11. Juli 2013

Asuka Langley casual clothes ver. ( Evangelion ) UNBOXING

Hello Friends,

hot outside so time for another hot waifu.
This time i got her direct in Germany. Without box. She stand alone and sad in a shelf in a anime store, and i must have her. She was dusty and lonely so i took her home ^^
Wanna look ? Here we go !

I took her out. She was to long in a dusty shelf so i showed her the sun and fresh air. Look, she is shy, but so happy to have a good home now <3

It is a Kotobukiya, so high quality and made with much love. Look at her wonderful feet. Well made <3

A sweet hand, and beautiful hair. Purrfect waifu <3 Asuka is adorable, and lovely. She is really one of my favorite anime character, even i am not the biggest fan of original series. I love the movies much more, cause she acts not as freaky as in the series, but thats personal opinion.

Shy, but not touch her, you will regret it fast. Asuka is a TsunTsun, even she looks harmless here ;)

Look at this face..... wonderful. look at the well made chest too !!!  She is made with love and very detailed. I was happy to get her. She waited many years for me in a small dusty shelf on the ground. At my home she has much company, a bit little space but so many friends around her (YES a Shinji is in there too !)

See her smile and fall in love. I hope you like her and this little Unboxing <3

Wish you a lovely rest of the week <3