Montag, 15. Juli 2013

Sada-chan take it easy again....

Hello Friends,

it is Sunday and HOT (i love summer) so Sada-chan need a bit cool down. Here she is !

Many noticed that the blog is become more quiet and the updates are become a bit rare. That has many reasons. I still get much figures, but i am not in the mood to write stories at the moment, and just posting pics in not my style. At least a few words should be written to the girls, cause if i do not, it is just a figure blog like many others ;)
Another reason is that my wife and me (yeah i am a otaku with a family !) are try to create our own impact, which means we want a little Ikari in our life (a cute little tsun Asuka, or a sweet Shinji). So i spend more energy on my real life.
And last but not least, my world meltdown project in our roleplay need much time. So you see i am a bit busy.

I hope you still enjoy my blog, and i will show figures again in the future, but the updates will not follow a frequent day in the week. I just post when i have time and i am in the mood to do so.
And the 1,5-2k visits per month show me that you still like my blog.
Thanks for visit my little world and i hope you still like it.

A few days ago i had a discussion about real and online world with my co-workers. The could not understand that 99% of my friends are online. You know i met my wife online, so i am addicted to internet, that´s why i spend much time here. And after so many years i can say that online friendship is strong, maybe stronger that real ones. See, in my current situation where i switch my dreams from traveling all over the world to family i not miss the change to see the world. Thanks to my friends all over the planet i just must start a hangout to travel to the world within a seconds. See i love to be connected to the world without leaving my house. People call this crazy, but it is not crazy, it is just a new age we live in.
And i know so much ppl online that anytime i need advice, or just a friend to talk, someone is here for me.
So the digital world help me whenever the real world is cold.
That is why i keep this blog. I thought about closing it cause of the lack of time, but i think it is good to leave my footprints in the better part of existence... the digital one.

A lovely Sunday to all of you <3


Oh this pic is just great. Watch it ^^