Samstag, 6. Juli 2013

Little EVA team ( Ritsuko, Maya , Asuka ) UNBOXING !

Hello Friends,

i was a bit absent in the last time. That was caused by massive computer problems with my OSX beta testing. Now i finally switched to Windows and my Mac run better than ever.
So i will give you a start in the weekend with some cuties. Wanna see cute EVA girls ? Here we go <3

I got the little figures in the pre-owned again. The light was a bit low, so forgive me the low quality this time. The cute girls are worth a watch anyway. Here we go ^^

The package look like always. But the girls are really great. LOOK <3

Did i promise to much ? 3 little cuties are waiting for you love today <3

WOOOOW, hot as hell <3
Ritsuko look a bit cheeky, you agree ? I wanna cuddle with her instantly ^^

The details sure not high at this girls, but i am sure it is ok for the price. She only cost about 400 Yen. So for that price it is GREAT <3

They are a few years old, so i am happy to set them free after the long time ^^

Sooooo cute. I like this little figure so much. She deserve a goooood home.

Look in my eyes Ritsuko-chan. Sweet <3

OK, WAIFU ! I not need to say that she is the hottest of the 3 cuties. Such a great and cheeky girl. I love her. But better not touch her, she is a little TsunTsun ^^

Cuteness-meltdown <3 So sweet. I love her so much. This is pure moe moe ^^

Red hair, and red interfaces.Perfect she is <3

So sweet, that smile. Priceless ^^ Love her. The outfit is hot.

Maya was a bit shy so i only have one pic of her (the light become low, that´s why). I hope you love her anyway ;) She is so sweet and need much love. So she will sit at Ritsuko´s side in the shelf. <3

What a lovely team. I hope you like the girls.I promise i show more figures again in the figure. Now i have a good running system again. So we will have a great time.

Love more and live better,