Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013

Sada-chan´s new frontiers....

Hello Friends,

Sunday, and Sada-chan is ready again. Wanna see her. Here we go.

Hehe, i found this sketches and so i show her this way today.
It has absolutely nothing to do with my topic today.

As you guys know i plan to start my own family very soon. I perpare this like a science topic in a lab. All stuff must be perfect. Nothing will be made randomly. I want not to make mistakes. But i sometimes i think that nature will do the job better than i ever can prepare this.
My will to reproduce raise from day to day *grin*

Anyway i waited so long i could wait a few weeks longer for this actions. See, i change my life massive these days.
I personally hate change..... not hate, that is the wrong topic. I FEAR change. I am fear what could happen. Sometimes i want to do what Taka in my book did. Stop time at a perfect moment ;)
So this step i do is the biggest i ever did in my life. After i did that nothing will be the same anymore.,
I stop my dream about living somewhere else and i settle down to my town for all time. I will always be the Shinji who live in a little German town and dream about Japan and never get there gain (at least for next 10 years).

Today i had a very nice and long talk with my friend +Matt Virgo . He is a really wise guy and told me how he handle that and this gave me a bit hope and a different point of view.
Plan a family can be a bigger trip than travel to the space. Expect much and get much more.
Really i can´t wait to hold a new little Ikari in my arms and explore the world with her / him and show how precious life can be, even you just live in a little German town and dream of another places.

I think i am on the fist step to a journey which ist the biggest in my whole lifetime.
The start is now, the destination is life, and the way is love.

Never give up, and trust in those you love, and there is always a way.

I am ready, i want to have my one way ticket to a bright future.
Love is here, the rest we find on the way,