Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2013

Asuka Langley ( Evangelion ) NERV sports ver. Unboxing

Hello Friends,

nice weather and sun, so perfect weather for a sexy and hot waifu <3
I show you today a really nice and sweet version of Asuka.

So not wait and go for the extra portion cuteness today ^^

Yeah, she come like most of my girls from JP. This packages are well known here. They always contain precious little dreams, which we now open together <3

Wow, this gonna be hot and lovely. I see a purrrfect young lady which wait to get out and see the sun.

Perfect she is. A view on the box is enough and i am instantly in love. Asuka is the queen of anime, and my personal queen in reality. Nothing beats a cute tsundere, right ? <3

This is great. Just a little remove of the plastic and we can welcome her in her new home. The sun is coming out, so the perfect time to play a bit tennis with her. 

YES - cuteness-meltdown instantly <3
This girl is adorable, hot, beautiful, and her outfit...... let´s say i got a heavy nosebleed now. ^^

Her hair, the pose and her complete appearance make her really perfect. She is well made. Just a game prize but for that fact she has a perfect quality and is made with much love. <3

For luck she hide her butt with the racket .... otherwise i will faint instantly. Her hair is great and i want to cuddle with her ..... so excuse me for a moment .......... ~<3

Cheeky, cheeky.... Asuka is really a perfect one. She looks cheeky and lovely, tsun and dere at the same moment. She only make one thing easy: to fall in love with her. It only took 10 seconds from Eva 2.22 to fall in love with here. Jumping in Shinji´s bed and call him baka at the same moment was the instant "i love here event" for me <3

Her outfit. I mean she look even better in this than any other. This is hot as hell. And the shiny look make her even more the desire of my dreams. It is very detailed. Look closer and fall in love.

Her top has a NERV print on it. You see it better in the pics than with just your eyes. This figure is really made with so much love.<3

Ok, that is much oppai  girl to fall in love with. I like this very much. Look not only Asuka, look her racket too. It also has a NERV print ^^
Well made, this figure was a great buy.

She smile, and depend on the angle of your view she look cheeky......

...... or she look lovely ^^
You see, Asuka is always worth to watch her. So much love in one girl, that is why she is my absolute Favorite in the shelf. I have approx. 20 Asuka here at the moment, and i see no reason to stop to get more of her. Never to much waifu ;)

I hope you love her as much as i do, and you enjoy the little unboxing. I am back soon to show you much more nice girls.
Wish you a great rest week.

Love each other,