Montag, 17. Juni 2013

Sada-chan say thank you

Hello Friends,

Sada-chan is late but the reason is simple i wanted to wait to sa thank your for 20000 !!! hits on my blog.

WOW i am impressed friends. So fast. It took only 4 month from 10k to 20 k.
Therefore Sada-chan is here for you ^^

She try a little cosplay today for you so she look really nice and not as creepy as the other days ;)
But wait, you want her her normal way ? Sure here we go <3

Hehe, so here the creepy version *grin*

Creepy is also that i have tons of unboxings here but i am not really in the mood to post, i have to clear some topics in my private so at the moment my updates are very rare but really folks, i try to improve and come back to normal again ^^

So stay tuned, there are still so many girls to love and which want to be seen ^^

Love more and stay with me,