Montag, 17. Juni 2013

Shinji Ikari and Kaworu Nagisa ( Evangelion ) field trip Unboxing

Hello Friends,

on Saturday i went on a little shopping trip with my wife to Karlsruhe and there is a little anime shop located called .
I went in there just to look around but i get an EVA overload instantly.
This shop had many only EVA goods so i left there a lot of money and come home with a full bunch of new EVA stuff <3

The perfect catch of the day were a pair of figures, which i never expected to get. I really found a Shinji and Kaworu Kotobukiya figure set O.O
These figures are sold at e-bay, plamoya and other retailers for around 400 Euro. In the animestore they stand in a dusty corner with a slightly damaged box for just 50 Euro. This MMD instantly.

To find them both make me really happy, cause i am Shinji here on Google but i not own a Shinji figure at all (ok i own one but he is small and not really adorable).
And this Shinji of this Set is really the only pretty one out there. So i were happy like a little kid when i find this set. And for sure, i like the Kaworu too, i not own a Kaworu, and that day i got two of them (one as a little Keychain from Petite Eva School ^^)
Today i present a speciality. I took them out for the shooting. So enjoy massive pics and less words, and enjoy a special guest start which i rescued from the dusty corner too ^^

Let´s start <3
See, the box is not in perfect condition, but who care, the want out so no need for the Box, right ? ;)

Yes welcome Kaworu, nice to have you around <3

Welcome me too ^^Nice to meet myself *lol*

This is great, seeing them outside in the sun let my heart shin instantly. Such a great figure couple.

They both seems to be happy that they find a good home after many years in a dusty corner. See them smile. It is very rare to find really smiling figures. They smile to be here, and i smile for the great deal i made. I mean i got them for 20 % of the market price cause of the shop owners fair policy ^^

Oh look, Kaworu brought me a flower <3 So cute ^^

Cuteness in the sun, which one you like more ? Kaworu or me ? <3

Just a quick look on the base. So much nice details. I love the Nerv styled base. Cool made and a perfect stand for the two boys ^^

Shinji seems happy and Kawuro too. I think the both know they will find a safe and lovely home in my shelf <3

So, let´s look closer at me. You like my style ? Watch also the NERV base i said before :)

Cool details realistic clothes. This is really great <3

Watch the clothes. Well made, like real, and the cute hand ^^

He look great and really like he is alive. And NO that is not me in the pic, just the figure, i look better in real *grin*

The eyes are cute and lovely and the decent smile make him very lovely <3.

OMG i am in love with myself <3 <3 <3

Kaworu is extrem cute too. I mean look in his eyes, a great style ;)

The cheeky smile is priceless. Want to give him a good home ? Sure i do. Welcome in my shelf Kaworu-san <3

Let´s turn him around, he is so cute. See and enjoy ^^

Look his great details and fall in love with him <3

His hair..... impressive <3 I love him this is a fact. A great figure to have ^^

Smile with Kaworu. YES great ^^

Whoooop, what it that ? Sooo great. Asuka make a visit too. I rescued her from a dusty showcase. She came without box but she wanted to come with me too <3 So Shinji has his waifu at his side <3 <3 <3

Great team these three figures, right ? So lovely and perfect. I am in love with all of them <3

Lakeside view. Great and perfect for those two <3

With Asuka Shinji always look happy. Asuka look a bit unsure, but she told me that she is very happy to come to my shelf too and be together with Shinji. The were together at the store so i could not let her back there <3 Watch her view on Shinji, she really want him at her side <3 (Noticed how Shinji gently touch her leg ? <3 <3 <3 )
You like Asuka ? She get a real own unboxing here soon with much more pics from outside.

I hope you all enjoy this GREAT and PURRRRFECT unboxing with the three cute figures and i hope this make your week start great <3

Love more and live better,