Montag, 24. Juni 2013

Kaname Madoka ( Madoka Magica ) Cu-Poche 02 ( Kotobukiya ) UNBOXING

Hello Friends,

as promised here we go with the 2nd Cu-Poche which is the cute Madoka ^^

Lets first see the GREAT box she comes in. Kotobukiya know how to make the looking GREAT ^^

This boxes are an eye-catcher for sure. So let´s hope that it´s content are even better ^^
I am very happy with the first figure, so i expect much from the second one <3

Not as much contents than a Nendoroid figure but enough to have much fun with her, don´t you agree ??? I think better less add-on and higher quality ^^

Give her a hug ??? Sure you want it <3

So great to pose, without holder !!! YES i love it for sure. 

Details ? Come close and see pure quality. After that you will not buy a nendoroid again and say they have good quality !

I love the well made hands ! Not just a crappy plastik like the GSC stuff. Love it <3

She stay at her own, and this time the magnets are purrrfect. She is GREAT and she stand in my shelf this way !

Where is her hole to put the holder inside ??? OK you got me, i cheated you and edited the pic to make i look more cute *grin* <3

Details at perfection. So well made. Now look and get drooling at the next pic ^^

Ups, pantsu shot. This base is cheeky ^^Love that to take pics *grin*

YES, she is posable this way without holder ! GREAT i love it that way. Sure not as posable like a figma, but you can have much fun with the little Cu-Poche ^^

Now with bow and arrow and still without holder ! LOVE IT <3

Whoops, another cheecky pic. Not look under her skirt ^^

Now you make her blushing ! See ! But it is OK. This time the joint at her middle is a bit more tight but still a bit tricky, but if you know it it is fine ^^

Well made dress. See the cute details. You also can see the joints. They are not so dominant in view like a Figma and much more posable than a Nendoroid !

OK, i know you want peek under her skirt, so look. But not for her pantsu, just for the magnets in her feet. See how this is made. The magnets are medium strong, so she stand but not hold if you pin her to the fridge (YES i tried in a hangout with a friend !) ^^

Oh my, where are my hands ??? *sniff*
The expression at her face..... priceless !!!

Now i have my fists !!! YEAH, she looks better with them <3

You like me ? YES i love you. Well made little cute figure ^^

The only bad point at this figure is the QB which come with her ! He is not white like in the pic, he is definitely a bit green. The camera not show it good, but in real he is shiny green, especial at the tail section ! O.O

Great view those two ! Love them. The QB is well made if you not include the colors ^^

The posable hands allow her to hold him proper and tight WITHOUT any holder ! Yeah i am in love with Cu-Poche ^^

Look at his back parts and you see a bit he is green. And with that pic i finish the review of number two.

I hope you liked the figure and our pics and i hope you stick with me and watch my blog in the future.

Love for for a better world,

Shinji-kun <3