Sonntag, 23. Juni 2013

Sada-chan change point of view.....

Hello Friends,

it is Sunday and i am right here with your weekly Sada-chan ^^
YEAH look and enjoy <3

Yeah, she really look a bit pissed of, but it was worth the experience.
I alway talk about love forever and endless love and think that is the ultimate solution for every life, but today i must tell you something. I am wrong !
Yes, believe it, but all years i were wrong. If i talk with people about love and they doubt that love is the ultimate key and can solve anything i always got angry and say "you not got the point of love". I could not imagine that the "ultimate love" in not working for everybody.

How i changed my mind ? Many of you know that i live two life. One in reality, and another in the virtual world as a 20 year old Shinji-kun who is married to Asuka. So far so good. What has my role-play to do with my reality ??? Easy. In my roleplay i imagine that love not always working.

See folks, my Shinji is loving his Asuka deep, and as far as i know vice versa. And so this is not the problem. But the problem is that my Asuka his to pride and my Shinji follows his pure instincts. That all leaded to the fact that Asuka closes down and Shinji search for love outside his relationship.
As much he hate himself for that he did it anyway (sure my character is a bit a perv in the game but it is fictional, so not really a problem ).

In the end the characters broke up and Shinji suffer from the breakage. Love was not enough. You think this is all a plot. Sure you are right, but when i play in my little world i am Shinji. My real self is switched off, so every time i am in that world i gain experience, and i can use it when i am back.
With all the experience in the last month i can say that ultimate love is still the key, but not for everybody.

Every person has his own key for a happy life. Sure it always include love, but love is not always the one and only key, just one of many factors.

As for my Shinji the key would be a bit more trust in himself and his relationship. For the Asuka a bit more understanding that a person must not be perfect all the time.
If the two not understand that life and love is not always perfect the relationship break indefinitely.

So for people who doubt themselves the whole time, love is not enough. If you not love yourself, how you could love another, how could you love the love itself ?
In these days where career, money, and material stuff is more important than happiness and a good life, love fails sometimes.

So should i accept that i am wrong with my opinion that love is enough all time ? NO, i must not.
I change the world, at least the bit i can. We all can, we all can believe in love, maybe we fail, maybe not work for anyone, but if we not try wie fail for sure.

I know so many people out there who think they are better on their own. Give love a try, maybe you like it, and MAYBE it works for you ^^
The only sure thing about love it that you can not lose by sharing it, you can just win.

So you see, even in a fictional world of dream you can still learn a bit about life. If digital or real, it is just all electrical impulses interpreted by our brain ^.-

Lovely sunday for all of you,