Sonntag, 7. April 2013

Sada-chan is faithful....

Good morning my friends,

it is sunday and it is time for Sada-chan ^^
You want her .... you get her <3
          (source devianart - raylyn96)

You see even Sada-chan enjoy love cause as i always say: love rule the world. Not only the bright places, it rule even the dark.
Dark love, is this possible ? Sure it is. Think about Shinji and Asuka for example in Evangelion. Sometimes you think Asuka hate Shinji from her deepest part of her hart, but if you look behind the scenes you see that is a "dark part" of love. If you reduce it to just 4 letters it is still love and in is a force that rule all our actions. 

But today i want not write about love, i want write about "to be faithful".
In a modern world this is not "up to date" to be faithful anymore. People marry and people get divorced, and inside a marriage many ppl divide love from what some ppl call "physical love" (sex if you want the word clear).
I personally can not divide love from love if you know what i mean. A marriage is a vow to be faithful to a person for the rest of the live, that is my deepest thought, let´s call it a part of my religion (my religion is love not more, maybe a bit buddhism but that is an other topic).
You all know when a heart is bound to another it can not be divided anymore. sure many ppl will disagree with that, but my opinion is another.
If you can divide your heart from one you love, you have never loved deep enough.
Call me extreme but i am bound to the heart of my wife and i am faithful until death, cause i vowed this to my wife the day we married. 
Did i ever thought about to be unfaithful ? sure i did, many times, but i always come to a conclusion which is very simple.
Maybe it is fun to "try out" to be close to another one, but this fun will end and it will destroy so much that the biggest fun is not worth this all. Nothing can be so much pleasure to risk that.
You all must know my wife was the only girl in my life, so i have no comparison to others. But i enjoy to be faithful to her anyway. Why i must compare if i know i have the best of all ?

I mean a sweet cake maybe taste good, but it make fat anyway, so why taste it at all ? I have my own sweetest cake and it already make me bloated - bloated with endless love and a iron will to stay faithful all the time.

So call me closed minded, but unfaithful people are not worth to trust in them. I have no problem if both partners are agree to be open and share love with others, that is not the point (i personally can never do that, i am to jealous for that !). But be unfaithful to your partner without agreement is the most disgusting thing out in this world.
An unfaithful person deserve no trust it deserve just pure disdain. Yeah those people are worthless in my eyes, just junk. A person who cheat his love for a little fun is a person who kill his own friend if he had pleasure with this action.

So if you not be able to be faithful, no problem, but not vow this to anyone and break the trust. 
I thought about this topic before my marriage. It took me only a part of a second to make my decision. I will be faithful my whole life, cause i am happy with what i have. Thoughts are free, but actions not. 
And i will act honest and with love and keep desires there where the not hurt anyone, in my dreams ;)

With this words i say goodbye and wish you a lovely sunday,


(this posting was inspired by my actual role-play again. Wow i love this so much, it make me smile every day and inspire my in my real life ^^)