Mittwoch, 3. April 2013

Rei Ayanami swimsuit ver. ( Evangelion ) UNBOXING

Hello Friends,

remember the nice swimsuit Asuka i showed you ?
Asuka told me that she want to get her friend Rei-chan at her side so i ordered the matching Rei too.
Let´s see a cute lil sis together ^^
I got her as always from AmiAmi pre-owned ^^I love this shopping there cause it is cheap and full of nice figures which look for a good home ^^

Hehe, you all know that packages not look great but the content is always filled with much LOVE, so lets unpack it fast <3

Oh my good, thats a cuteness-overload i see here. I must try not to get a heavy nosebleed..... to late. Sorry must clean my keyboard be back soon......

The package is very cute, the cheeky Asuka and the shy Rei-chan that is a guarantee for a cuteness-meltdown instantly ^^

As Rei is the "white edition"  she has her name in "western" style in the front. Asuka is the blue one and has the JP characters on her chest. Sorry i only get the different versions in pre-owned. But who cares, i love them in any style ^^

This pose no need for words.... relax and enjoy this great view.  The only question i have is: Why she has socks on ? Is she cold ? I will warm her up. My shelf has a heating system which keep the temperature in good 22 degrees so she can relax soon ^^

Wow, this is well made. Her swimsuit and even the socks are made realistic with some folds on it. So nice cause it looks very realistic ^^

That back view i mean that is a reason for a faster heartbeat instantly, you agree with me ?
Love in a cute little form ^^

"I need love" - You will get for sure lil sis. I like you Rei and you will have a good home here, and many nice friends, much Asuka and a Shinji for sure ^^

That face.... cute as hell and pretty like the sun. 
Rei is the ultimate little sis character for Shinji-kun (i know she is more like  a mother when look at genetics, but i prefer her as little sis).

Look at her sweet expression and her nice swimsuit. Did you not fall in love instantly with her ? 
I do for sure, she is really sweet <3

When you change view she look very different, like she is alive. Maybe she is, have you see her smile ? I can tell you she smile at my shelf just at this moment *grin*
Change view again and she look complete different. So sweet and adorable ^^
Rei is really worth that she come to my shelf.
Let´s double the cuteness, we call Asuka ^^
*drops instantly*.......................

Cheeky meet shy. As you see Asuka has her name in Japanese characters on her chest (A - su - ka).
That is strange. Rei which is from JP has western name, and Asuka the german girl the asian. Funny fact, but i like them anyway in their style.

Let´s end this with a very lovely "couple shot" and i let you decide for which girl your heart bump faster.
Cheeky or shy ? I prefer cheeky but i love shy too ^^

LOVE and LIFE ^^