Dienstag, 2. April 2013


Hello Friends,

i was lazy to not show you a figure for over a week so i will give you a little unboxing before i head to work.
I was not a bit fan of this figure at the start, but after i got some nice encounters with her in the fictional world she had to become a part of my shelf. Welcome the nice Ristuko from EVA with me ^^

Ristuko is the well known genetic specialist form EVA and even she is side character compared to the kids she has an interesting storyline in background. I ordered her for my wife ^^
Ristuko is a gameprize form 2002 so the package look not perfect at all, but you all know i like figures with a bit damage, that make them more lovely and tell a deep story ^^

This is cute and sexy of course. I see Ritsuko is one of my few adult characters in the shelf so i can drool official at her without be called a lolicon *grin*
She is very nice, not high detailed, what is normal at a such old gameprize but i love her anyway ^^

That smile is priceless and heartwarming. I like it much, it make her adorable and cute. 
I wished Ritsuko had longer hair but this short version fits perfect to her appearance ^^

A lab-coat was never so sexy, right. I mean did you ever seen such a sexy doctor ? If she will treat my health i will get a heart attack cause of multiple cuteness-overload ^^

As you see the details are not perfect, but who is perfect and who need to be ? Nobody must be a perfect person to be perfect and lovely, right ? <3

Wow, great view from the backside. What i love is the base, which is not simple plastic. So it is not only a stand, it is a bit an eye-catcher. That is great.

Her pose is cool and sexy the same time. She is really a hot woman, and cause of this fact she had many lovers *lol*

Her legs are really worth a watch, they are cool and very nice in detail. I think with those legs she get much attention in life ^^
With this last view in her eyes i wish you a good start in the new week and i hope you enjoyed this GREAT woman ^^


Shinji-kun ^^