Sonntag, 31. März 2013

Sada-chan´s family....

Hello Friends,

and happy easter ^^
Sorry i am late, but we switched to daylight saving today and this make me a lil tired, and Sada-chan is tired too and needed some coffee this morning.
After have coffee it is time to write a bit stuff as every sunday. The todays topic was brought to my cause of my G+ friends again. 
To be honest G+ become a major part of my life. I mean i am an adult with a good real life, but this second virtual world is almost as much important as the real life.
I mean my real life i have now started virtual, cause i meet my wife in the web and since that time my life is a precious thing. But with all the years the web become less important and real life turn to my prime part which was a bit sad.
Now since a few month that changed again and i have my little world back again, and the best part, i share it with my wife.
Back to the roots and to my old life. Not bad after all. 

I must say i never found friends in real life which are so trustworthy and caring than my people on the G+ network. If you are down, just write a message and get flooded with heartwarming words and offers for help, thats a great thing. Some would say: Hey thats all just virtual, but i thing different. I mean i plan to see some of this guys in the near future (yeah trip to Englang for e.x.) and i know that distance is no real problem. I know from my past that distance can be bridged and lead to deep friendship and even to love (yeah my wife is the best example for that !).
I had a talk with my friend Matt a few days ago after hat a little quarrel with my guys there. He was a bit sad when i leave the team of my anime page. He told me it is like i left a family, and i thought about it and think he is right. The guys there are a little bit like a real family, and after all i missed them much and turned back to become a part of the family again.
Family is an important thing. My family is very small in real life. 
There is my wife (in future one or two kids i hope), and my mum. Thats all. We all life in the same house, and are a great team. We love us and sometimes we quarrel like hell, but we all love each other and if there is a problem we have always a person which is there to hug and listen. That is the spirit of family. 
I think there is nothing more precious to have an intact family live where love rule the day. 
The family of my mum is big, she has 8 bro and sis, but all people are divided cause of differences they had. My uncle for example. He was like a dad for me when i was young (my real "dad" i rarely now), and i was a guest at his house many times when i was a kid. His son was like a lil bro and his wife like a second mum for me. After all my uncle, which i loved very much, betray his wife and this family broke up. For my bad i begun to hate my uncle from that time cause he crushed a part of my family.
The ex-wife of my uncle and his son are still my closed friends, and my uncle was mad and told me "why you get along with my ex ?".
That was the part when i break up with him fully. Cause the wife of my uncle and his son not betray the family, it was alone my uncle and so i decided to love the people which felt the spirit of family in there soul. The price was that i lost my "dad" but it was worth at all. I still have to members of my old family. But i am a bit sad anyway, cause my uncle and i had cool times back when i was a teen.

After all i learned a lesson from this broke family. I myself would ensure that my family here. My wife, my mum, our future kids, will never broke apart. I will cover this little world with all my heart and even my life. Cause my family make my strong, and if i lose a pert of it i lose a part of my soul.

So back to my G+ friends. You all become a little part of my family too, and i am very thankful for that. I am really thankful for living in the "internet age" . This medium is the key to turn distance to zero with just a few bits and bytes. 
People can share love with just type a few kind words in a keyboard, and sometimes a digital *hug" form a virtual friend can me more precious than a hug from a real person which is not honest to you.

I am finish this little journey to my thoughts about family and wish all my friends there a happy easter with heir real life families.

Take care of you people, i love you all ^^


Must share this cute family pic ^^