Sonntag, 24. März 2013

Asuka Langley ( EVANGELION ) swimsuit UNBOXING !

Hello Friends,

which girl did Shinji-kun like most of all ? Easy question and more easy answer. For sure it is waifu, so it is Asuka Langley Ikari ^^
And how we raise the heartbeat of Shinji-kun to infinity ? Yeah, show me a Asuka an a hot outfit ^^
Nothing beats waifu, for sure i love it when i get a cute Figure of her ^^

Want to get a warm and nice feeling even on the cloudiest day ? The i have the right girl for you. 
Let´s see what i got ^^
WOW, thats is a full load of feelings. The package give me a purrrfect view on the precious content and i love what i see. A Asuka with cute hair stayle and a smile. That is a classic cuteness-meltdown <3

Oh my, that smile is priceless. The pure love and her perfect shape make her absolutely heartwarming and special ^^
how much i love this version of waifu <3 <3 <3 
The form is perfect. Bot to skinny not to much oppai, just cute and adorable so i want to hug her instantly. I love the hair of her. The cute red things instead of her interfaces are very sweet. I love this much, and her pose is perfect ^^

That view from backside..... i got a nosebleed again Thats to cute and lovely. Remember the good old time when Baywatch was on TV. Who need Baywatch if we have her as life-saver ? <3

Lol.... NERV sports is printed on this. Funny and lovely detail. This was a price figure and i must say i love these kind of figures very much now. Cause they are very cheap and you get very much figure for very less money. I mean the quality of price girls are raised much since the last years. Look her hands for example. Very high detail for a 15 dollar figure, right ?

This hair .... wow. I love women with long and full hair, so i love this girl her. 
I want to fondle her hair when is see this. It is very adorable and well made. O.K. Asuka is not really blonde, Asuka is red-brown in hair color, but this figure look cute anyway <3

Soooooo sweet and well made. Look she nice feet and the great face combined with a perfect pose it is wonderful. I like it very much, and for luck i found the matching Rei to her and will show her off soon ^^

A bit red cheeks and a cheeky smile. I love it. The print on her chest say "Asuka". There is another version of her with western style characters on her chest but i got the japanese version. The Rei i ordered after that is the western style figure, you will see her later.

Her feet look like reals and show many sweet details. Watch end enjoy her. Never can get enough of her cute legs ? Yeah, i have another pic for you ;)

See how well this is made. I mean the details are very good. She look perfect. And when you touch her, the feel like a very high quality. 50 % of my collection are price figures, cause i love this figure type much. Cheap, but well made, and often available at AmiAmi pre-owned ;)

With a view in this cute eyes and on this wonderful smile i will guide you in the sunday. I hope you love the nice Asuka like i did.
I mean it is wonderful to welcome such little dreams at my home, but the real wonderful thing is, that i can share this moments with all of you. Shared love and dreams are always better.

Love more every day ^^