Sonntag, 24. März 2013

Sada-chan wins .....

Hello Friends,

it is sunday and to be honest i had no topic for my weekly Sada-chan. But thanks to my friends +Matt Virgo and +Otaku Madness at G+ i can write about my fav. topic (i hope you two understand the fun, and at the moment your actings make me smile the whole day).

I can write about #loveandvictory teached by +Alice Margatroid again. 
Oh at this moment i realize that G+ become really a big part of my life. I have funny times there with all the guys. Sure i have a real life and prefer that, but the fictional world i build there cheer me up every day, and it is nothing wrong with that.

Back to topic ^^
Let´s write about love and that love is always a win, even you lose ^^
The two funny ppl here have a challenge to avoid interaction for a few days, and sure they are no lovers, but anyway it bring the topic up which is a real controversy in many relationships.

Many people think that "free space" is a key to a working relationship, but i personally think it is a total stupid thing. For example, my wife and i are married almost 9 years and have not a minimum of free space. That´s not easy sometimes to live without privacy, but believe me. If you share all the good moments and the bad is the best way to improve your live. I mean my wife know my darkest desires and stand by my side anyway. There can not be a deeper way of love i think. And she know the brightest dreams i have and dream them with me. And with that knowledge we can make our dreams come true every day.
"Free space" is not a good stuff for relationships. Many of that what called a "modern relationship" where every partner has his own friends and own hobbies, broke apart in the last years when i look to the people i know. All this people said to me "Shinji, you are too close with your wife, give her more space". But i prove every day that my way is right and they are wrong. Best example was my uncle. He had nice family with a kid and a wonderful wife. He always say to me that i am to close, and that will not be good.
After all he cheated to his wife and broke apart his family with a co-worker. His son become a broken kid and his wife is in desperations. That all start when my uncle stop to work together with his wife in the company and have free space and meet this other co-worker.
Free space sucks !!! To be close is the key. Relationships need no break or distance, it need trust and nearness ^^

So friends, if you think you must prove how stable your partnership is cause you can keep distance (for info, a job is not worth do apart from a partner, there are thousands of jobs but only "one in a million"), think how much prove of love it is to share anything.
I live this way of love every day, and i will keep that way until i die. 

Thanks to my two friends for giving me this idea to this love-drunken posting again.
Remember, if you choose love you always the winner in the end and gain victory ^^


Shinji-kun ^^