Freitag, 12. April 2013

Asuka Langley Red & White ver. (UNBOXING)

Hello Friends,

it is time again to show you a cute girl and i have a very special girl for you again. A perfect and cute form of my wife. A precious and sexy Asuka ^^
I got this cute girl in the Pre-Owned sale ad AmiAmi again, as so many of my girls. I always enjoy to get little dreams from pre-owned sale cause after a long time waiting every figure deserve a good home, especially if she is sooooo cute like her.
This box contain a real cute girl. It is hot as hell and cute like not many other girls in my collection. Wanna have a look at her ? 

WOW, that is a Asuka in her sexiest way. I mean a cute girl with red-brown hair and a red dress is adorable and sweet.

The package is really an eye catcher and i am nervous if i think about the perfect content. Let´s have a look at the most beautiful girl in Anime-Universe.

That is cute and sexy. The little mirror she sit on was in the package and is a perfect add-on to focus you view on her sexy legs, right ?

So much to love, and so well made. Look the details and fall in love with her. I would dater her instantly in this outfit ^^

Her face and her hair are so wonderful, and her soft skin make her really lovely.
And look her sweet mouth, you sure want to kiss her instantly.

Wow, what a hot backside. The dress make her shape very adorable and sweet. She is really an awesome girl which deserve our full love.
Let´s look a bit closer on her dress. Very pretty details and sooooo much to love at her. I must hide a heavy nosebleed now *grin*

So long endless legs, and a pose which is make her hot and innocent at the same time. Are your heart bumping as fast as mine ? Mini is faster then a high speed train ;)

Wow, she is very cool from this view and i want to cuddle with her now. Just let´s have a view on her eyes, so we can dream a little dream with her.

This is a prove that god is a female. This is pure perfectness and cuteness in it´s most pure form.
With that great view i let you flow back in the normal world, and i wish you sweet dream. I will have for sure, cause i have her at my side now.

LOVE more and enjoy your life,

Shinji-kun ^^