Samstag, 20. April 2013

For my wife - happy 9th wedding anniversary

Hello Denise,

this posting is just for you.
Today exactly 9 years ago i get married to the most perfect girl around the universe, the one out of a million, i got married to YOU <3

It is the biggest honor in my live to be loved by you. Every day at your side is worth living and i can not give back what you give to me, even i try for million years. 
To have you at my side is the best thing ever happened to me, and to meet you was no pure luck, it was fate. 
I met you in last life and will wait for you in the next, cause love is a ribbon which can not be torn apart by death. In the deepest places of my heart i know you are the source of all my love.
There was never be another girl in my life and and there will never be one. You were the first and the last, and i am proud like hell that you are the only one in my life.

To live and die for you, now and forever. I have not much to give, just my love, my life and my heart, which all lay now in your hands. 

9 years were just the start, 9 lives the next step and 9 times infinity the goal. We will be together forever, that is what i believe and what i promise to you.

I wish you a happy 9th wedding anniversary. 

Forever in LOVE <3

your husband