Donnerstag, 18. April 2013

Rei Ayanami Young Ace ( Evangelion ) UNBOXING

Hello friends,

yesterday i show off my little cute waifu, today i present the little sis ^^
Open eyes and hearts for the cute Rei-chan <3
Ups, why is Asuka here again ? You will see it soon.
But first we watch the Rei-chan ^^
As said yesterday, Rei-chan come direct from JP. Even with the high postage, you save money it you not buy from german retailers. So i got her from HobbySearch.

This look cute and it is cute of course. Let´s peek inside the magazine first before we look at Rei.

The picture alone is worth the buy. So cute and lovely together <3
This issue is full of EVA stuff and i like it very much.

Now i am blushing. Hold hands with Rei-chan that make my heart bump much faster <3 <3 <3

This box is similar to the box of Asuka, only that there is Rei-chan on it. But i like her much. She is very sweet.
Today i not show you the single parts, thats so freaky.... 
Wow, this is sexy and cute. I mean Rei is a shy but very beautiful girl with mysterious eyes. It is easy to fall in love with this cutie ^^

Wow, she smiling. That is good. Rei not smile much, but after see my shelf she smiled instantly <3

Look in here eyes, see her smile...... LOVE her <3

Wow, even from behind she is cute as hell and really lovely. The plugsuit is make her irresistible and very adorable.

So wonderful, but there is missing something. Wait, i know it. Where is Asuka ???

That is GREAT. A pure cuteness MELTDOWN. Rei and Asuka, this is what make the sun shining on a cloudy day.
The cool fact is, that they are made to display together. They hold hands. Have a closer look <3

This is really great, do you agree ? There is nothing better than two cute girls together in harmony ^^

Both smiling. Rei-chan a bit shy, and Asuka a bit cheeky. So lovely. I must cuddle with them instantly. And for sure, the sit together side by side in my shelf <3

I hope you like the two as much as me. And i hope you enjoyed this little unboxing again.
I wish you a nice rest of the week. And Saturday is a GREAT day. 9th wedding anniversary with my real Asuka <3 <3 <3

You see, LOVE is best <3