Sonntag, 21. April 2013

Sada-chan has gone to far ?

Hello Friends,

another sunday another time for Sadako-chan ^^
I will not let you wait to long so i show you the pic.

Today Sada-chan is blushing cause she not know what to do.
The thought today is about my little world i build in the web again.

In the meantime the presence of G+ has really become a meltdown part of my real life. The experiment to merge the worlds is a fully work in progress and i am not divide much from that what people call physical reality and that what is called the virtual one.
I am sure that the future is digital. Digital world is not very different from the real world. I mean all i see when i go outside my flat is electrical impulses from my ears and eyes interpreted from my brain. That is called reality. 
So if i look at the web, it is a big neural web of electricity and data. Like the reality. Sure i can divide those worlds but i think if we go further and further those both worlds will meltdown more and more.
Projects like Google Glass or the many AR apps on my phone prove this day by day.
Did i fear such a future ? I think no, cause a machine is more trustworthy than a person. A machine only do what she is made for. A person do this too, but if a machine do this we call it work, if a person do it, we call it "selfish".
Machines are made for serve the mankind, humans only serve herself. Thats a fact i learned day by day.
So the only way is to meltdown this worlds so we can serve ourself AND mankind.
Interesting project, agree ?

This week was a bit thoughtful about my digital part of the world. I mean real world out there is full of problems and violence. I try to keep my digital world free of that. People act selfish and violent in the web, but i try to keep my little digital world in harmony and peace.
This week i broke 2 important rules in the web i set myself.
First: I was unfaithful with my digital being - but that is just for a roleplay and a part of my plot, so i can handle it *grin*
Second and that is more important i broke my law to listen to everyone to make the life of them better.
I decided to block out the violence and pain from my world and let the fun only inside. This means i have to change massive in my contact scheme i have in my world. 
I will play god in my own world. I know this will go very far into the fictional parts of my existence, but i love this.
In my youth i had my own world where i live in in which i flee when reality become to hard. I left this world when meet my wife, and i never missed it. But now i could reenter this world again with my wife as company, and that is a good thing. My old world waited for me, but it changed. It become bigger, faster and more cruel. The peaceful place become to big. Are we gone to far with all this ?
I don´t know. And i must ask another question now. Is it necessary to fight to protect the peace ?
I always say NO in the past, but with the help of my digital world i changed my mind a bit. 
It is worth to fight to keep the balance and the peace.

Yes, this was a journey in the digital world, but if you read it carefully then you see, this little world i created for me, is not much different from the world in front of your window. 
Both worlds are ruled by Love and Time.

So love more and let the world become a better place with a little time,