Sonntag, 10. März 2013

Time to remember and to hope....

Hello my friends around the world,

normally Sunday is time for Sada-chan but she take the weekend off for a special reason.
In a few hours in Japan is the 11th march again. The day which has changed this beautiful country for all time.
5 Minutes have changed everything in Japan. The earth shaking and change everything.
The tsunami killed much people in a few moments, but the real disaster starts in a moment short after the quake.
The nuclear meltdown will affect Japan and it´s people for many hundreds of years and will cost more lives than the quake itself.
This is Denko, the formerly mascot of Tepco energy company. Many of you would ask why i use her to make this post. Look at her eyes. She cry cause of that what her company has made out of Japan and so she get the place in this posting.

I will use this posting to show my honor and respect to the people of Japan. This people has proven that they never give up and never despair. Fight and rebuild the country, thats the soul of Japan and thats a thing they can be very proud of.
Yeah and thats me showing my support for JP. Hope this country will regain it´s old power and strength again and will switch of this risky technology as soon at they can. Cause one thing is clear. The earth will not stop shaking in the future. So i hope this never happens again.
I myself bow with respect to all the people of Japan and hold on this day in silence for all the victims of this even, so i will set off all my activities on the web as a little sign of respect and honor for the japanese people.

I just want to show you one last thing before. As many of you know i am a big Anime Fan, so i am impressed that Anime helped the people in daily life after the quake. Ever noticed that the Operation Yashima form Evangelion become true after the 3-11 ?
Yes, it was set up by the people to bridge the energy shortage in Japan. So anime become reality, even it was cause a disaster, it show me that anime can give hope and help people to smile again.
The website is still online if you want have a look, i show you some pics of it.

Before i close this posting i will show my personal fave picture of a "never give up pose" to cheer up the people of Japan.
Asuka show the support and hope that the many people which are still affected by this disaster will have a better live day by day.

Our soul is with Japan and it´s people, so hold on a moment and honor them.


Shinji-kun and the german NERV-Crew