Sonntag, 17. März 2013

Sada-chan define herself.....

Hello Friends,

it´s sunday and we are back with Sada-chan ^^

You missed her last week ? Here she is for you and have a smile to light up your sunday....
I was lazy this week, i know but i am who i am and so forgive me to take a break from time to time.
I have many cute girls for you and many purrrrfect girls will arrive soon. A lot waifu (Asuka) and many others ;)

So what about we write today ? I will write about a bit over myself, or yourself ?!?
I want to ask you, how you define yourself. I not mean what kind of clothes you wear or what car you drive (personally not care about clothes and drive a very small economic car), i mean what define you most ?
In my thing is the definition simple. I define me through love and victory from this. 
Many years i was sad, but after carry love out to this world i feel better most times and ppl around me feel better, so thats what define me. Give love and get love define myself. 
Another point is that i can express feelings better when i write than when i talk. Writing helps to calm me down and find inner peace. Like a meditation or a long walk through a park. 
Third thing is that i am not envy ppl for there materials or their success. I am happy when i see some of my co-workes buy a new car or build a new house. Many ppl say the same, but you see they envy the other for his new stuff. But i am really happy when i see the other gain victory and i smile with him.

Love, be happy and calm down, that´s my 3 keys to a good life. The 3rd point not always work *grin* But i try to improve.
So what´s the stuff which define your personality. Take a good cup of tea and take a little break to think about it.It´s worth the time, cause after think about that stuff i feel good and i think a have done many stuff right in my life.

So, i will try to show you some cuteness today so look after the page later, i am sure you will find a nice girl ^^

Have a nice sunday, and be lovely to each other ^^