Montag, 18. März 2013

Miku Hatsune HMO ( Vocaloid ) Nendoroid - UNBOXING

Hello Friends,

as promised i have a cute little girl for you to give her love that she deserve. Today i have a guest which is popular even in the real world ^^
Welcome the greatest pop star from Japan, welcome MIKU HATSUNE.
Yeah, Miku-chan is always worth a view <3
Let´s look, she come direct from the land of the rising sun. Straight from JP to your heart. Lets see her <3
Blue hairs and blue eyes, thats all i see and this warm up my heart instantly. Miku has that what i call the "pure form of cuteness". I love this little girl, and she will come much more to me in the next month in a big and lovely version ;)

You see you can pose her in various way and in different style. As long as it´s Miku its cute, don´t you agree. I am sure we will love her when we get her out of the box ^^

So cute when she try to eat the leek and at the corner right down you see that she can be exposed together with the loving siblings Rin and Len. That is a three times cuteness-meltdown and to much for Shinji-kun´s little hato ^^

Much accessories bring fun for every collectors heart and i cant wait to get her out, she will see her new home so we would not let her wait any longer, right. Get out of this plastic and show off ^^

OMG i got a heavy nosebleed of this cuteness. I like her clothes with the oversized sleeve. Thats to cute, omg i can´t hold it any longer *drops to side and gasp*

This is well made and this Nendoroid has much joints. You can show her off in various positions and thats very very cool ;) She is made with love and so she deserves mine and get a very nice home in my shelf <3
I love the hair of Miku-chan. I had the luck last year to meet a real life Miku-chan at a convention. This is one of the most cutest cosplay i ever seen, but now we only have eyes for this cutie here ^^

She smile and dance, no wonder, my home is a paradise for this little figures. Much friends to play and a perfect view on my anime shelf. Thats a five star resort for figures ;) Some ppl say my figures live better than guests we have.... so true *lol*

Smile for me Miku-chan and sing please, i wanna hear your cute voice ;) Sooooooo sweet <3 <3 <3

Let´s plug her in and hear her sing. Yeah and for energy she got some leek. Instant happiness is the reward for that <3 <3 <3

This little cables are made very realistic, for bad my USB and Midi port a miles to big to plug her in, but there is no need to, she sing wonderful even without technology ;)

She is in dance mode and cute as hell. i must get up and dance with her, that little girl make my soul happy and send my dreams on a journey ;) Wanna dance with her ? I will.

OMG so sweet. I mean she melt down every heart she meet. She is the cause of global warming for sure and she is a real eye-catcher <3

Detail, details, details...... and they are soooooooo cute. This cables look even better in reality, and i can touch them and look at them very close. YEAH, i love this hobby. This little girls heal my soul and clear my mint. Who needs a doctor when there is simple healing when you look in this eyes ? 

It is...... SHOWTIME ^^
Yeas Miku-chan sing for us. Make the world a loving place with the power of your voice and let the people dance and sing  <3 <3 <3

With the nice shot of her i will guid you into the new week. Start the week with a nice song and your week will be great and lovely. 
Good tunes on ears and love in your soul and all´s right with the world ^^

Be lovely to everyone <3

Shinji-kun ^^