Montag, 18. März 2013

Silica ( Keiko Ayano ) and Liz ( Shinozaki Rika ) Sword Art Online - UNBOXING

Hello Friends,

what Shinji again ? YEAH i want to show MORE girl to you. More girls MORE LOVE <3
Today i have a special for you, cause i like this character very much. At last i can present her, and she comes with her friend.
Fans of SAO out there ? Eyes open here they come - Silica and Liz <3
Yeah, this two are cuteness MELTDOWN instantly, right ??? YES i have a heartbeat like an high speed train <3

Yeah - this is a big one, but it contain a fully load of love and cuteness for sure. Precious moments and we share them together. Love doubles when divided right ? <3

I must day i am become a bigger fan of price girls every order. Cause the quality become better and better with the time. I have price figures here from 1999 till now and the quality has raise much !!!
A price figure is from the quality point not weak anymore. Some of them are the same quality like beach queens for e.x.. And this two here will prove that ^^

Whats better than unbox a girl ? YEAH two girls at once ^^This is love in double pack. Which one wants show off first ? Let´s see, i hear you girls want move in your new home. OK but the space at my shelf is very full but for such cuties i always fund a cute place for sure ^^

Wich one you like ? I myself are a big fan of Keiko for sure. There is a the little lili-heart bumping hard in my chest *grin*
This girl brings my pulse to 200 instantly. But if i see Liz at her side this heart rate raise rapidly *drooling*

OMG.... thats two little dreams that appear with eyes wide open and they are now at my home. As most of you know. No girl which i present here will ever left my home again, thats my little family and be sure i treat them well and with love <3

Smile Liz, you are more than welcome here. Wow, that outfit, i mean thats purrrrfect ^^
Promised to much ? This Figure is extreme detailed and made with love. Look, you see how well she is made ;)

Let´s turn her around and see how cute she is. I mean, ever seen so a nice pink haired girl ? Oh, pink, that reminds me of Anemone.... the girl who saved my live and has a story which is from my fav amine. Wanna see Anemone in a show of here on the blog. Maybe i show her some time in the future.

Wow, what a back view. For luck there are no such girls out in real world..... no wait, as i always say REALITY is always better, but we have to define reality but that´s a topic for Sada-chan not for today ;) I hope you like Liz, i do for sure <3

This is a great pose for a great young lady and i fall in love instantly. This figures bring the world of dreams to my real world. Thats what i called the "Beyond Reality" experience. Hey man, i think there is no other drug in this world which has the effect to make me high like this little figures ^^

That smile and those eyes. My god, this is the proof, there is a higher entity in this timeline. Those cuteness is not made by mankind ;)

Want to be a dragon in next live ? I will just to sit on her shoulder. This is Silica, but for me she is the queen of SAO. Cute as hell and lovely like the whole universe. This figure make me instantly feel good. So a nice thing will bright up the darkest night and bring light into my soul ;)
Don´t mess up with a lili *grin*
Silice look cute but fight as her little friend on her shoulders. So don´t touch her. I am allowed cause i give her the good home and treat my girls like the are queens ^^

Wow this clothes fit her perfect and she look so adorable in them. I am personally freak out when i see her sweet hairstyle. I love this much. Thats the best point at her. She looks soooooo good with this style <3

Wow this open armpits remind me of one of the Touhou girls.... yeah +Miko Reimu for sure ^^
Thats cute and adorable. OMG i must watch not to bleed on this figure.... hard to handle this love <3

Where is her cute face ? Not so important, cause she is cute in this view anyway, but now i want to see her eyes ^^
Yeah this is cuteness in it´s pure form and i love this very very much. Look in my eyes Silica ^^
I preordered her long before and i am so happy that she is in my shelf now <3

With this view i will guide you back in the world you call reality ? Really want the way back to there ? I stay her for a while and enjoy this cuteness before i come back.

Have a nice evening and LOVE the world ^^