Montag, 18. März 2013

Madoka Magica witch Neodoroid Petite add-on Set 2 - UNBOXING

Hello Friends,

we heading in the new week, so why not start with a little unboxing this time ?
The weather outside is dark and it´s raining so i have the perfect figures for that. This time no cute girls, just pure witches from Madoka Magica.
Wanna look them anyway ?
Got this set a while ago, just forgot to show it. But it´s never to late. For real i am a bit scared to have witches in my home but they are well made so i show them to you ;)
Here again, the package come from JP. For luck the customs not mind to import witches to our country *lol*

The packaging is well made and if they are of a good quality like the first set, i will not be disappointed at all ^^

Yeah, that looks good and i can´t wait to look in the box. But i am a bit scared anyway. This are witches but for luck i have many magical girls here to protect us ;)

Here we get another code for the Madoka Magica online game to add characters. Funny stuff, but for bad the game is in JP only, but i give it a try again soon.

Almost there. Looks cheap but protects them well, that all what count ;)

Wow, this is very good quality. They are heavy and look very "pretty" if i can say this about this witches. But remember they were cute magical girls so deep inside there is still a cute girl.

The details are great. It´s bad to say, but this petite versions of Nendoroid figures are made better than most of normal Nendoroid. No errors in coloring and no errors in detail.

Really good view from every side of view. I think the picture show that they are absolute worth the 980 yen for BOTH together ^^

The butterfly-tail is very cool so i show it big. Best detail of this figure for sure.

Walpurgis, the master witch of Madoka Magica, and the cause of Madoka´s wish. She bring up very perfect details and is well made. a masterpiece of work for a little figure.

Look the gears at her "feet" they are very well made and are hold by real metal. For a such cheap figure thats amazing material. I like it much.

Here you can see the gear better . Made like the figure was very expensive. If GSC want, they can bring up good work. Anyway i don´t like GSC quality. I get my Sakura Miku just in the moment, the EMS expensive shipping takes longer than SAL from JP. GSC quality drops in every point, but not at this witches for luck.

This is purrrfect i think. See the details and the good coloring ? Remember this figure is only 6 centimeters, and for that fact she is outstanding.

Best part of her: The gears !!!
Wow, i like that much, its made so good that you think it´s really from a machine or something like that. If you touch it it feels good and like high quality ^^

Time for a group shot before i let you start the new week ^^
I hope you have fun with this cute witches and i wish you a good week and see you soon. More figures wait for you to show up and even more on this way to my home <3

Love everything ^^