Sonntag, 10. März 2013

Asuka Langley ( Evangelion ) UNBOXING

Hello Friends,

time for another cute girl.... time for another Asuka ^^
Let´s have a view on the most cute women around this universe again.
I have a very cute Version for you today. A sweet Asuka in her sweetest outfit, the TEST-Plugsuit  <3
Fragile and precious - This package come with much love for sure. And don´t worry there are 7 more Asuka figures on the way to me !!! YEAH never enough waifu !!!

OMG instant cuteness-MELTDOWN. This make Shinji-kun´s heart bump like a thunderstorm for sure. I mean did you see anything which is not perfect ? OK i see.... she is still in the Box, but we can change this together and let her out <3

What a view, my hands shaking and my eyes shining when see so perfect cuteness in my home. This moments are precious like hell, and i am happy to share them with you <3

Even she is still in the box, i can feel the room fill up with love and feelings, and i get a smile on my face. This is amazing, nothing beats Asuka. Love at first sight.

Blue eyes and a heart of gold, and she SMILE !!!
A smiling Asuka, thats a rare event for sure. Why did she smile ? Easy, she is at my home, and she find a good place here <3

This outfit an scenery are priceless and absolute perfect. This figure make everybody smile instantly when see her. You like her like me ? But just look, don´t touch my little waifu please ;)

The hair and the cute little nose, her whole appearance make me dreaming instantly for sure <3
Let´s turn her around and see how hot she is from the back ;)

Thats definitely a view which make me warm even it´s cold outside. I mean see you how well she is made and how cute is her shape ? Isn´t that perfect ? Sure - perfect she is <3 <3 <3

I love this outfit, it make her look sexy like hell but not to sexy. She is just lovely and sweet no more ;)

Her legs are cute and wonderful and her backside ..... omg i can´t look away <3
You want details, you get them. Look at her feet for ex. This is so cute and perfect made. Her shoes for ex, are full of great details and made with love for sure <3

Her arms, you see details too, and look her suit, it has little crease so it looks realistic. Noticed her belly button ? I do and i got a nosebleed instantly *Grin*

This is great and i instantly fall in love. Hopeful eyes and a smile, the key direct in my heart for her. Asuka i love you to be here at my home <3

Never get enough of her. This is an amazing view. Not only look her eyes, i know they are amazing, no look her outfit an how realistic it is made <3

Hair and plugsuit from behind, a great view i think. Pure love in it´s purest and cutest form <3

Look the details at her shoes again. Great and made with love. Thats real art, not just a simple figure. Thats love, presented in the cutest of all ways.

Can not get enough of her ? I can not for sure. This is a perfect view on a perfect girl. Love and absolute cuteness, thats the ingredients for this figure.

This cheeky smile, i like this much. Asuka must smile more, and i am sure she do when she is at my home, cause i treat her with my love and give her a nice place with good company <3

See her cute interfaces which are made out of metal. Wonderful and perfect when you touch them. Wanna look closer ? 

Here we go. This one is really well made and with not a single mistake in manufacturing. This figure is worth every penny i spend *smile*

With this great view, we head straight to the sunday and tomorrow Sada-chan will take a break and we have Denko-chan as guest to honor the ppl of Japan to the 2nd anniversary of Tohoku quake.

Wish you a nice start in the sunday and be lovely to each other,