Freitag, 8. März 2013

Super Sonico Hoodie Version - UNBOXING

Hello Friends,

i wanna show you two in one nice little girl.
I always want to own a Sonico Figure but all Sonico which come out has supersized unnatural oppai and look just to bitchy for my "holy shelf" so i waited long for a cute and just pretty version of her. But finally i can et her.
Sonico is the Nitroplus Mascot and so in one row with the Vocaloids.
That is the reason why i want to get her. But if i get her here, she look a bit like one of my G+ contacts, +Rumako Hachima ;)

So wanna see what a cuteness meltdown is ? Yeah, here we go ^^
Oh yes, this packages make my heart bumping every time i got them. Post from Japan is like a little dream delivered right to my home <3 

Double cuteness-OVERLOAD i see in this picture. This girls are game-prize figure but they are have a high quality at all. Lets have a look together.

The boxes are making me curious whats nice inside them. pssssssst ..... can you hear them ? The want come out :)

Cool, i must show you the top of the boxes, they are to cute, agree ??? <3

It is showtime !!!
What is more cute then one nice Sonico ? Right, two of them ;) So i got two versions of them. In Germany the cost 30 Euro EACH of them. In Japan i payed 26 Euro for both INCLUDE shipping. 
Somebody ask if it is worth tom import figure ? Yeah it is, sometimes you save over 50 % !!!
And while the ppl in Germany wait for them, i have them already :)

NyanNyan - a cute cap and a sweet pose is what i want. Sure she has big oppai, but not so big that i only look on them. This Sonico is cute, and lovely, exactly my style.

OMG a tail..... a cute tail <3
All hail to the tail .... YES i love this <3 <3 <3

What a cute face. A heartwarming smile and nice pink hair. And she wear her headset. Thats very cute and highly detailed. This are definitely one of the better price figure i have here. Very nice. Look at some details ;)

Well made jacket and cute realistic cloth. You like that ? I do for sure. And you see the oppai are natural and not super-oversized. She look like a normal girl, thats what i like ;)

She has a funny pair of shoes. Well made and realistic looking. Thats a nice view.

Ups, no she has not changed colors. I have two of them. They only differ in color so i show them off together here. Which version you like better ? Pink or blue ? I like both, could not really decide ;)

In this view you can see she still has much oppai but not to much. She is just lovely and beautiful. So she was really worth the buy. I give her a good home. Let´s look in her eyes a last time ;)

Nice made face with a cute lovely smile. Watch her nice hands which are made very well. I like the figures much, and so i hope you like them too ;)

I hope you had fun with this little unboxing today, and i get a bunch of cute girls this month, so you can have much more wonderful dreams very soon.
Hope you stay tuned for more love & victory on my blog ;)

Be lovely to each other,