Sonntag, 24. Februar 2013


Hello my Friends,

i want to show you a figure of en extreme high quality and full of love and lovely details <3
I pre-ordered her long before but it was worth the wait cause this girl we meet its awesome and is the ULTIMATE form of love.
Meet Madoka Kaname in her purest and most innocent form you can meet her.
I wish to erase every witch before they are born. Every witch from every world, from the past and the future. With my own hands.” 
Madokas ultimate wish which cause a change of the past and a change of the time. The ultimate proof of love to her friends and to all mankind turn her into the ultimate form. She defined a new existence and i am happy to present her true and ultimate form her, now, and today !!!
Enter the kingdom of ultimate love with me <3
I just show go a pic of my cute and wonderful wife cause i want you to show how big the package was this time. Madoka is great ! But my wife is better for sure, but i don´t unbox my wife today, thats only up to me and not to share *grin*
Here we you, you saw how big the package was when my wife hold it, so you know how big the figure will be. This girl come from FIGUYA a nice little shop in Germany, cause import was not cheaper this time, so i take the easy way and support my local market in Germany.

WOW, lets see what´s inside the box, and what i see look great, right ??? <3

Can you see her, she look to us direct into our hearts and she say just two words: "Love me <3" so i am going to love her. But first we look at her nice packaging.

Impressive artwork on this box, i like it much, but trust me the real figure is MUCH better ;)

So many cute pics with much detail, so see if the real figure are as great as the box. I can tall you she is at least 10 times as good as the pics <3

The ultimate weapon of love, in its cutest and purest form. Madoka is a cuteness meltdown in every way.

Yeah, thats inside and for an 1/8 Scale she is really big. You see her later in comparison to a 1/1 fullsize   Kyubey so you see that she is big for an 1/8 scale <3

Last pic of the box. Its really well made so i must show you this. But waiting is over, it´s time to free her that she can us protect of the sadness of this world and bring love to our hearts.

Just a few inch of plastic are between and the most cute magical girl i ever met (except my wife which is magical and more cute as her of course).

"Help me out please" - So i do Madoka-san. I am happy you are here.
Some people told that she is hard to get out or the wings are hard to attach, but with a bit love and some feelings she is easy to unbox and to assemble the few parts. We hat fun and when you hold her she is heavy and i think her quality is great <3

Perfect she is ! Nothing here is not at least a wonderful dream of a figure, so i think she was worth every penny i spend in her, and it was worth to pre-order her many month ago. She is cute as hell and lovely like the sun.

She protect the love, she protect our souls from turning to the dark side, she spend her life to reorganize this universe, and she deserve a good home for that at m shelf <3

These eyes, the cute face,the little oppai, and her pose are great and i think she was made with all love the creator could give her. She is her and she need love, so she get it and you get her cute pics for sure. Wanna enter the world of little dreams that come in a cute box ? Yeah you are right on my blog to dream my dream with me <3

Do you see her realistic cloth her life looking skin the wonderful hair and if you look long enough you see her smile. She is the dream for every collector of nice girls, so if you could not afford many figures, save your money and get her. She is so worths, cause she come with love in her heart.<3

Impressive, cant get enough of this view. You love her ? I do for sure. She is great and she is mine now.

Looks big ? YES she is big and she needs almost a whole shelf for her own. But she deserve a good home.

WOW all i see is hair and wings. Thats pure cuteness and i am be sure you enjoy this view as much as i do. And watch her nice dress. Like a wedding outfit for sure, and i am sure she would break many hearts with that look <3

Bigger pic for you. Enjoy this view. This is perfection and pure love what you see now. I love this view much.

Turn around and see more perfection and more cuteness. I feel my heart bumping when i look at her. I mean she save our world so it´s normal that she make my heart feel better. And she make her only ine wish to protect her friends. Is there a more noble wish she could make, than to save the people she love ?

Fight for love ? Yeah, if you fight for one thing, than its for love. I would die for my love and Madoka for her own love. So she is right here in my home. Ultimate love mean to give up yourself and lay your heart into the hand of the one you love. She gave her live to save her love. Madoka, thats the most honorable reason to die for sure. And after all you are not death, you still break the barrier to next existence.

Here we see her strongest weapon, her eyes. These eyes are beat every enemy just with one sight. Love is the strongest weapon you could use, cause love beats hate. And Madoka´s eyes are full of love, so she win every fight.

Her wings are impressive. This translucent look is great and well made. I really enjoy this view. I hope you do this also. She is pure cuteness <3

Her bow is an eye-catcher itself. Look this is great. She has 2 versions of the bow with her, i take the big one you see in this pic. Bigger is better *grin*

Little wings at her feet, and the dress inside is made of stars. We have a closer look soon.

First we look at her base. This is made really perfect. At last a base which is not only a stand for the figure, it´s an eye-catcher too ;)

It´s allowed to peek under her skirt, cause you see the stars shining there. This is made very well and great.

No look at her oppai, look at her cute dress how well its made. Great work, right. OK, the oppai are cute too, but thats not the point. Madoka is cute, not a sex symbol so respect this nice girl please.

Just one more view on great well made details. I like this pic, and you like it too for sure ;)

Cute white ribbons in her hair. White the color of pureness and of infinity so it is perfect for this girl i think. 

Closer look at her wings. They are made great. Wonderful work and really well drawn, so it looks perfect at her.
Aim into the right direction. Where you look the bow of love will hit the target.  I find this pic nice so i share it with you. You like it ?

Lets look a bit on her cute dress. I would take her to the next church in this outfit, but i am married so i take her to my shelf <3

Mor of the nice dress, you see its made not only in one part. Its made of more parts and look like a real dress and not like plastered to her. Nice fact make her more adorable <3

Wow, this eyes.... i got a heavy heartbeat. The face look serious but i can ensure, now she is in my shelf she smile and have some tea with Homura-chan and the other magical girls :)

A last view in her eyes, so you could enjoy the view of pure love. And NOW Madoka its time for a little hunt *grin*

There we go, lets hunt a few incubators ! Yeah, we got them.
The Kyubey in the front is a FULL SCALE from GSC, so you see the 1/8 Scale Madoka is almost the same size as Kyubey. I will not imagine how a full scale Madoka look then ;)

Madoka VS Kyubey ? MADOKA WINS ! 
Love always wins, you know that if you read my blog regular.

You need some love too, and you got a heart for Madoka ?

Order her here at Figuya: KLICK ME

I hope you enjoyed this wonderful unboxing of ultimate love and you had a nice week.
Tomorrow we meet Sada-can. So i wish you a good start in the Sunday and end this posting like always.

Be lovely to each other,