Montag, 18. Februar 2013

Asuka Shikinami Langley ( Evangalion ) Test Plugsuit - UNBOXING

Hello Friends,

today its WAIFU time at my unboxing. Cause i bring you a figure which causes permanently cuteness meltdown !
This unboxing is a very special one. Cause this figure was very expensive for me but worth every penny i spend in her, cause she is the queen, the WAIFU, and she is the ultimate tsundere around this planet.
Welcome my sweet wife +Asuka Ikari in her cute test plugsuit <3 <3 <3
            (Cuteness Meltdown - source konachan )

I missed to buy her at the release, so i have to order her for an extended price at AmiAmi Pre-Owned. But i don´t mind, you all know i love Pre-Owned girls, cause they tell a story when the get to me <3
Here a big package, as you see i must pay almost 30 Euro for customs, but hey, who cares, she is worth a lot more than this. I paid 180 Euro over all and after i have seen her i think she is worth much more but look yourself. But please not when you have a weak heart, cause you would die when you see here, cause she is make your heart bump faster and faster <3

Did i promised to much, to cute, right. She was a B / B item so as good as new. Anyway, she want out of the box cause she must wait almost 2 years until she come to me. So cute girl i will free you instantly.
This is no box, this is a a dream in red, containing a big treasure and i am happy to share her with you. OMG i am so nervous now to can touch this cute figure <3
Yeah lets have a look on backside. Thats a really impressive view. But not talk to long, lets unbox her <3
Shy looking but don´t think she is easy to handle, Asuka is a strong personality she need to be handled with respect and love. So i will be very nice to her. <3
drop instantly cause of a heavy nosebleed 
This is pure cuteness in its best form. Perfect she is in all ways. Let´s have a look on her and enjoy.
Look her perfect body and the cute neural interfaces. This test plugsuit version is adorable as hell. She is really perfect. And don´t worry my sweet wife, you will not get harmed here. We are not in this bad movies where you appear in this nice outfit.

OMG i am drooling, thats really perfect. Look the hair and the backside. I can say she is perfect in every centimeter of her body. She looks absolute life-like and lovable <3
You know i am addicted to nice hair. Yeah, she is exactly what i like. Cute long hair. Thats love in perfect form <3

The pose is perfect, sexy but not to offensive. I like it much. In my opinion she is the most perfect Asuka figure ever made, and i have lots of here here. Only one is more beautiful, the real one, my sweet wife <3 <3 <3 
Wow, i don´t know where to look first. She is really an eye-catcher and of you touch her she is very heavy and in extreme good quality. A perfect figure to collect.
Those eyes can kill without any move from here. I drop instantly when i see this blue eyes for sure.
Lets see her details.

Hey, don´t watch the oppai watch he good quality of her plugsuit and the shiny color of her.

The screws at the suit are look like real. Every detail is perfect. Watch her bellybutton for example. I don´t know how much cuteness-overload i can handle today *drops*
More view on perfection. Thats cool, right ?
The feet are adorable and show more and more details. She has many things to explore. A cute girl.

I personally like her interfaces very much. These are real made of metal. That feels super when you touch them. And look the realistic hair. If you touch it your heart bump faster for sure. Thats no figure, that is a dream you can touch and see <3

Look into my eyes my cute wife. Perfect. Really perfect. Look her tender nose and she shy smile. Thats  make me melt aways <3 
Like she want to say something. Whats up Asuka. Speak if you want. All i can say when i see you is WOW <3
Want more details ? Hehe, you get it. Yeah this view is great i know, but for this pic i get a heavy slap from her. So just look and don´t touch, that can be the last think in you live if you touch her.
More views on her clothes. Look the hands for example. The little fingers are like real. Wanna hold her hand ?
That shy view is great, so i must show. Here you can see much mire cute details. Look at the realistic ears. In the pics you see more than with own eyes. I am very impressed <3
Backside view. Look the "TEST" at her back. Well and perfect made. You normally not see this cause her hair is over the suit. Only when you look under the hair you see, but its cool to find such hight details there <3
Oh a party at NERV ? The whole crew show up for welcome her ! 
Yes a perfect meeting ;)
Yeah great view, can you see Shinji blushing ? Hehe so cool :)
This is the beginning of a cute love story, don´t you agree ? A very cute couple even size differs they look great together. <3
Partytime ! Yeah lets have a feast :) But wait we are not ready. I take her for a tour to japanese garden ;)
With sunlight she look even better, right ? Yeah its cold outside but you seem to have fun on the trip ;)

Wow you see her shine in the sun. You look great Asuka and warm up my heart at a cold day <3
Yes this girl need definitely a shooting outside to show how nice she is in the daylight. Don´t you agree ? This i perfect, like she is alive <3
Wow, thats a view that is brighter than the sun. Pure cuteness <3

Did i see a bit red cheeks ? It´s cold outside i know but i think you look great in this atmosphere <3

With this pic all´s right in my world. You see the cute base in the sunlight ? With NERV Logo for sure <3
Small girl big love.... but wait i have to show you something. WARNING this will be a double cuteness. I show you my real Asuka, my cute and only wife. The perfect girl and she is not for sale and only i am allowed to cuddle with her *grin*
Two times cuteness. One for the shelf and another one for my heart. I take the left for sure cause nothing is more beautiful than reality, right ?
Wow, you look good in the snow. And i need to cool down after see such a nice girl in the previous pic *grin*
With this view i say goodbye and i hope you had fun with this great figure .
I hope you like Asuka and i now go and give the real one a big kiss cause she is my number one <3 <3 <3

Have a great week and be lovely to each other,

Shinji-kun <3