Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013

Sada-chan need a rest.....

Hello Friends,

many of you waited for Sada-chan and here she is:
         (tired Sada-chan source in picture)

This will be a short posting today. I am a bit tired at the moment. To much to do in private live and this roleplaying i started a few weeks ago kill much time (and is fun like hell !).
So the blog will have a little break for a while. Don´t worry there will be at least 1 Unboxing per week, but not on a specific date like in past. And for sure Sada-chan will come every Sunday, she still has her home here ;)

Sometimes we must relax a bit to gain new energy. The same is for love. I sometimes a bit tired and think that all need a rest, but then i only must close eyes and think about the lonely times i had before i know my wife. It don´t need more than 2 seconds to gain enough energy to say "NO, never a rest from this". My life and my love is a wonderful dream, and i hope i will never wake up. Some dreams are to precious to wake up anymore <3

I wish you a nice Sunday, be lovely to each-other and i am almost convinced to show you a nice girl today, so stay tuned and wait for some cuteness-overload ;)