Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013

Alice Margatroid ( Touhou Project ) Nendoroid UNBOXING

Hello Friends,

sorry but i am running out of my normal rhythm more and more, but i hope you don´t mind. I have a cute "little" girl for you. Ok to be honest my humor is a bit "flat" today, but you know i like the "petanko" style.
Anyway this girl is cute and bring Love & Victory to my shelf as no other figure before. Meet Alice-chan the cute seven colored puppeteer from the world of Touhou.
        (Alice and Shanghai - Source Pixiv) 

I always addicted to Alice and she is my #1 G+ contact so i must order her to have her at home, and the price was so "small" that i was happy to get a "little" package a few days ago <3
Alice was my first order from GSC Online Store but it was the slowest EMS i ever got. And sorry GSC, this package look like a package from a China fake seller ! That show how quality from GSC drops from day to day. It come not from JP. It was shipped from Singapore and with that fact it take 6 !!! days only for customs clearance :( OK but it arrived in a halfway good condition.
You must agree with me that +Alice Margatroid is a very adorable girl. and what i see though this window make my heart beat faster cause i feel Love & Victory <3

This Box is so "flat" that i can place two pictures side by side. Alice is not really that "huge" if you know what i mean. I placed her in my petanko shelf accidental... but don´t mind Alice, you are my fav here so don´t pay to much attention to my jokes about your "oppai" <3
Look these poses ! Wonderful and very cute. Which form of Love do you prefer ? Hard to chose but even harder to let her in this packaging, so we free her instantly :)
YES, we almost here. A few moments and i rescue you Alice. Oh i see a cute base with doll shaped print. You know i love your dolls cause the are made with you love and with those dolls you always gain victory <3
Alice was sold in the "get a base for free period" so she come with this additional base from GSC ! WOW cool, i hear Shanghai in the case jumping. She want so climb on this green base. OK dolls, i fulfill your wish later. But now lets start the show <3
Big simle cute eyes and sweet dolls, and a pure heart. That all can be put in one "flat" word: "Alice" <3
Ok i am honest, you should not pose in profile cause it show your chest and its not really that big. But the inner details are those which counts. So for me you still beautiful. 
Look into my eyes, you melt my heart away cute Alice. And your doll you bring with you its cute as hell too. This is pure love well presented as a cute figure. Oh you bring your book with you. Oh i can read the book of Alice, i have a forceful thing here ;)
Ok this is a good perspective cause i only look on your hairband and your cute face and not direct on..... you know what *grin*
This dress fits you perfect. The only true way Alice should be presented <3
Cute from all sides so i think this figure was a cool buy. And the best fact is that she bring her doll with her. I always want one, and now i have 3 of them :)
Cool pose and an perfect smile. Blue eyes matches perfect your dress. You are definitely a very nice and lovely girl. Happy to have you here <3 
Shanghai <3 <3 <3 Thats small, but who care about size ? *look to Alice-chans chest again*
This is really cute. You can detach the head and arms. But better don´t it took you minutes to get them back in place and look very fragile. 
The dolls are small but cute as hell and very funny made. I love this details thats why i bought Alice direct at first day of pre-order phase.
Wooooow, don´t hit my eye with that. She look like in fight mode, but i think Alice would not let her harm me, cause i be nice to her <3
I like girls with a little bit more thigh so this doll is definitely my style <3
The flat face reminds me something i seen before..... oh yes *looooool*
Did i made to much flat chest jokes ? Don´t hit me little doll, please. I promise not to make fun of Alice again..... really.... really.....ok get me *rofl*
Fighting dolls, a great view. Love it at first sight. And what you think Alice ? Oh yes you want have you dolls on the limited base ? Here we go <3
Thats a perfect team, and i have this in my shelf now. I feel Love and Victory in my home since she is here, and i´ll be sure she will cheer up my day. 
...... What you do Alice ? Model contest ? Oh you grap Mirai´s cloth ! Cool you look nice in that outfit <3
Cheer up Japan is always a good think so i must share this pic of you. And this base and cute little friend come with Mirai Nendoroid, i will present her soon.

 I wish you a good and lovely start in the week. No lovely to each-other speech today. I say only two words.

Love & Victory