Sonntag, 10. Februar 2013

Sada-chan must decide....

Hello Friends,

Sunday.... time for Sada-chan. Its VALENTINE this week so i start with a cute and lovely Sada-chan which will warm up your heart. Here she is:
            (Valentine Sadako- source Yahoo JP)

Yes its time for love an time for VALENTINE this week. I don´t care about this day much until a few years ago. But no i am enjoy it much cause its another day where i can show my love to my wife. 
I always take the day off from work and stay at home. The biggest gift i can give to my wife is time with her. Most of you know that my wife and i never go apart except for work. Its necessary to get money to life, but its cruel in the same time. But its needed to keep us alive so i can handle this a bit. 
I will enjoy the extra day with my wife so i enjoy Valentine much, it give me 7 extra and precious hours with the one i love. 
So if you have a loved one at your side, show him or her a bit more love this week, but you do this every day for sure, right ?

So lets drift a bit into the fictional world. I am role-playing from time to time and i love to write love stories, so i started to combine this in the last weeks. It kills many nights, but u enjoy it much, and my wife do also. 
When we play in our world (Google+ Community) i personally switch my own self of and turn in to my character. I handle multiple accounts, but this is no problem if you can switch emotions fast ( i am good in this, its necessary if you write love novels).
At this time i am, so my main character Shinji-kun, is in a disaster. He must decide which girl to chose. The one which always at his side and will never reject him or the one which he must conquer. 
Easy choice ? Take the one who love him without doubt and will be always at his side ? 
Not really easy cause the other girl it´s the one which Shinji promised to stay with her the rest of her life.
So what to do, take the easy path or take the hard but the right path. 
The real disaster is that whatever Shinji choose he will hurt on of the girls. So for the first he choose to "opt out" and run away. Thats on of the things Shinji-kun could do very good. 
Run away could be an option as long you know that if you run away there is no turn back. If you swim out in the ocean there will be a point where you not have the strength to reach back the safe shore. 

I am at the ocean now and going faster and faster away from the shore, an if i continue this i will never find back.
I must decide, and YES this is only a game but i hang much of my emotions into this role-play so its a hard decision. When i write or play these games i jump in a world of dreams with my eyes and my heart wide open.
So lets the what the future bring for Shinji. But if i´ll be honest, my heart, Shinji´s heart always know the right answer. This is the same as the real world. Listen to your heart and close your eyes a bit. You will hear whats right, cause the heart has his own true and beautiful voice.
And if you have a nice person at your side and sit very close to him/her you maybe can hear the heart of your loved one. Try it, its a wonderful voice if you hear it.

I have found my love and my fate in real world long time ago. She heard the voice of my heart at our very first day, she listen to this voice and never stop, even if we had quarrel or hard times. I personally call the thing that my wife and i share "ultimate form of love". Call it what you want, you only meet a person like her once in a lifetime. If you found this person you maybe not know it, but your heart hear it from the first moment. Hold this person and never let her go !

So listen your heart this week and celebrate Valentine with your loved one. If you know someone who let beat your heart faster, don´t hesitate: Go tell him/her ! Best time to tell someone your love it NOW ;)

I wish you a lovely week. 

Love each-other <3