Montag, 4. Februar 2013

Meiko Sakine Nendoroid UNBOXING

Hello Friends,

not a really good day for my Shinji-kun in virtual world, but thats no reason to not let him unbox a cute girl, right ?
What Shinji-kun do if he is not in the best mood ? He go to Gesonkyo and have a feast at the Youkai Mountain, and get heavy drunk.... drunk thats the TOPIC today, cause i bring you a cute little figure with a "little extra to smile" ;)
She is lovely and cute, so its right to show her today... welcome Meiko Sakine <3
I got Meiko-chan in the Pre-Owned sale so she came from JP of course, and i was happy to get her very fast this time (i am thirsty !!!). She can´t wait to have a big welcome party at my base :)
Yeah, she is fragile, but not cause she is a little cute girl, NO its the SAKE bottles she bring with her *loool* 
I am anyway in a funny mood so i hope you enjoy that i unbox a bit different from normal. It´s to funny to welcome a drunken Meiko.... its time for feasting :D
YES, that gonna be EPIC ! Coll stuff, you see the pose and look the last one.... *hic* that could be a funny and very drunken unboxing. Ready for party ? Yeah, hey ho.... lets GO !
Loooool, sorry i don´t see the cute Girl at first, all i see is a bottle of fun. Meiko you saved the evening. SAKE-TIME ;)
But let us watch the backside again in "full drunken screen mode". Its purrfect for the "evolution" of this evening. From "high live" to "low level" *looool*
Yep, these poses are really in a good order, i bow in front of the manufacturer for the cool design, but not bow to deep or i drop *rolling eyes already* 
See what i see ? Nooo, not Meiko she is cute, but i see that she bring TWO glasses with her. Good girl, let´s have a drink together.... that would be a party at my shelf i not forget this fast ;)
Wow, let´s start the fun. Fun at a party starts with good music, so Meiko is a perfect host :)
You are very athletic girl, but lets wait until have some drinks... hihi *grin*
OK i get your secret. Don´t cheat on me little Meiko... you are drunk already but you have a bit support for that stunt *loool* cool stuff :) OK let´s look into your eyes, i know these are very cute <3
Really impressive. Brown hair and matching eyes. A little dream she is, but she is special cause i get drunk with her instantly ...  the fun starts shortly :)
Ok definitely a proof you are drunk... or would you allow to take up this pantsu shoot when you are clear at all ? I think no, but its ok do pass out sometimes *evil grin*
OK open the bottles and all i say is Kanpai! 
Hop till we drop .... here we go !!!
Yes, thats a party, i am in and you too ? Lets empty this bottle and have fun all night long. Not take all so serious, its time to feast. The night is has just begun and so lets have a closer look into your eyes again *omg i get dizzy already*
*looool* a glass is not enough, so you want empty the whole bottle in one turn ? Hey let a bit inside, i wanna get drunk too ;)
Ok folks, time to leave i wanna party with her, or you wanna join. Feel free to do so :D

I hope you had fun with this little different unboxing. Less love more alcohol this time *smile*

Be lovely to each-other *hic*

drunken Shinji-kun