Sonntag, 3. Februar 2013

Sada-chan get tired sometimes....

Hello Friends,

Sunday is always time for a cute little Sada-chan so why wait ? Here she is ;)
           (MoeMoe Sada-chan - Source Yahoo-JP)

This week was not really bad, but not really good either. It's was what i call a "49 percent week". 
One percent below the average week, so not really bad at all. It's only ONE percent under the limit, so most of you would say: "Hey guy don´t say it was bad !", and you are right if you say that, but.....

Let me explain. It really was ok this week, i got a bunch of very cute girls, which i bring to you in the next weeks. Really cuties wait to show up in the blog... ok that was a good stuff, right ?
Ok, then i had 2 days when i must not work and that´s always cool and relaxing, and i can stay with my lovely wife, which was really the best fact of the week, so another good thing ;)
The not so good fact was, that i had some discussions with my wife this week, as we almost have when i take a day or two of from work. Thats a sure thing. Most time i take off a day at work i get into strange discussion with my wife. I dislike that fact, cause most times these discussions are about useless stuff and it´s absolutely not worth to make a quarrel out of such useless topics.... but thats how i and my wife work. Since i know her we have differences about not really important things regularly, and sometimes i got really tired of this. I mean, i love this girl at my side, and i would not argue with her about useless stuff. But we both are stubborn and no one want to take the part for say sorry at first, so it rise up until it blows :/
Wife would always stop the discussion and run away to another room or just sit on her pc and say nothing. I talk and talk until she get angry again... thats how discussions always go in our relationship.
But the really good fact about all that is one thing. We both know that we love each-other so deep that there is never danger that our relationship get serious damaged, cause we both know that love is the only thing we need to solve all our problems. 
Good thing happen this week after we had our quarrel. We walk together and wife tell me to stop. Then she come to me an hug me and say shy "sorry". At first i don´t want cause i was still a bit in rage, but then i agree and hug her. And so we made up again, as we always do. And let me tell you this. It was only a hug from her, but it warm up my heart and let me feel how deep i love her again. 
We are not a common couple, some of my coworkers thought we are siblings when they saw us at first cause we look similar and act like bro and sis sometimes, especial when we had discussions. So we are a bit special *lol*
But i am ok with that and don´t care about what other think about us. I am know and thats for sure, that i spend the rest of my life with this girl at my side. The relationship we have is a special one. We are very attached to each-other, after 10 years we are tell us "i love you" at least 5 times a day, and we kiss on the street like teenagers. Why ? Oh thats simple. To much love in us to keep it locked down, so we must let it out.....  ;)

So back to my week..... when i start to write i say it was a 49% week cause i think about all what happened, but now after i write about my wife and me i change my mind. It was a 101 % week ! Cause i had two additional days with the most perfect girl in this universe ;) Better have time with her and discuss, than be apart of her for one minute. I would never get tired of her for sure, cause she is my most precious treasure i have.

I would write more about the week but it ended up in my love talking like so many times, Sorry ;)
I, or Asuka-san will show you something cute soon, so stay tuned and wait for cute little figures we show up.

Enjoy the sunday and be lovely to each-other,