Freitag, 1. Februar 2013

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Nendoroid UNBOXING

Hello Friends,

yesterday i enjoy the day with Asuka-san so the wednesday unboxing is a bit delayed and we celebrate them together today <3
I brought a cute girl to you from an anime series i don´t know. I only bought her cause i love the "hato" in her hair she come with. I see the heart shaped hair and instantly said "i must get this girl !"
So here she is, welcome Nyaruko <3
She come not from japan this time cause the yen was so strong when i preordered her, so decided to get her from my german retailer "Yorokonde"a good service which offers good prices when yen is strong.
Yeah, that is a big package full of love and cute little dreams i wanna share with you. As you know, it's not good to let travel cute little figures alone, i decided to let her ship out with a bit company ;)
So let´s look inside the box, right ? <3
OMG 3times-cuteness is here <3
Nyaruko brings 2 nice friends with her. We not unbox Miku-chan and Madoka-chan today but be sure you will see them very soon here <3
OK, you may have a peek on all three girls ;) You see they are absolute cute and lovely so i'am very happy you to have them here at my base :)
The Miku-chan i ordered for Asuka, she would have her, and i must agree she is very very cute and lovely. But today the star is Nyaruko <3
Here she is. That´s nice, don't you agree ? Sun is shining a bit brighter when nice girls arrive at my home. My heart bump a little faster if i meet such little dreams to see them come to life at my shelf and i am very happy that i can share this moment with you <3
Yes, that´s cool poses you can make with her. She is definitely a very cute and tender girl, so we must give her much love. I be sure if we do she give us much love back. Wanna look ? OK lets start.
She brings many cool stuff with her nice little box. The best stuff is her changeable hairpart. The cute "hato" is the reason why i bought her. I am addicted to hearts so i am addicted to Nyaruko for sure <3
Cuteness-MELTDOWN <3
This is purrrrfect <3 A cute girl with her little friend. OMG my heart beat like hell to see such a nice figure in my shelf now. She is really nice with that smile..... and the heart in her hair ... priceless <3
Lets see her from all sides. The skirt she wear is really cool. It looks like a chess-field thats definitely a unique feature of her. The cute little hands let her appear very brittle and make her extreme lovingly <3 
Backside. I only have eyes for her heart to be honest. But don´t you agree this heart is an eye-catcher ? I think a girl like her could meltdown the whole north-pole with her moe-ness ;) Thats a great moment to see her here in real life <3
From this side we don´t see the heart, but she has many cute details so i think thats really a nice girl to have in my collection.Even if i don´t know the anime or lightnovel of here, i am still happy to have her in my shelf now, she is so cute <3
Nice eyes, a big smile and a heart in the hear.... three facts which let shake Shinji-kun´s hands when he touch her. She make me smile when i look at her and i hope she will have a good home at my shelf, i am sure in that point, cause i love all my little figures much ;)
HATO-Alert <3 <3 <3
This is so wonderful, i love this view. A girl with that kind of hair is a ultimate dream ;)
I hope she let beat your heart a bit faster too <3
Look into my eyes Nyaruko-san. But you don´t have to blush little girl. I am happy you are here, so no need for shyness, right ? At least you still smile, so you be happy here <3
With this shy smile and the nice heart i will say good-bye for this time. I hope you all had a nice week. My week was almost perfect cause i had two extra days with my lovely wife, and weekend is coming soon <3

Be lovely to each-other ,