Montag, 28. Januar 2013

Itou Chika and Sakuragi Matsuri ( Strawberry and Marsmallow ) UNBOXING

Hello Friends,

i do as my hus and try to show you up figures in english.
As always, i do not mess you up with this lovely talking as Shinji-kun did, but i have cute figures for you ^^

Today i have two girls for you Shinji-kun ordered me from his homelands (Japan). Sometimes its good to have connections to NERV JP. Makes Shinji-kun at least a bit useful for me. This Girls are cute so i was happy to get them. Shinji-kun does not really care for them, BAKA ! 
Wanna join me and see them together anyway ? I am much better in show off figures than my hus, so please hit my postings more than Shinji´s, that while make him blushing and me smiling ^^

Who is Y. Yoshikawa ? Must be someone at NERV JP headquarter i think. Not really important, whats important is, its only the question: WHATS INSIDE THIS BOX ? ^^
OK, rose is not my color, i prefer red... but this figures inside are really my style. To bad, only girls. We need more guys in the shelf, i must discuss this with Shinji ^.-
"Süß" we say in Germany, and this really looks cute. These boxes are nice made, and i call them box, not only cause that are just boxes, also to make Shinji angry *lol* He dislike to just call them box. He always drool around and call it fantastic and lovely names, sorry folks for me it´s just a box no more ^^
At back you find a pic of Chika, and a pic of her and her friend if you get the second figure of this set. To bad the other figure was out of stock at NERV JP so i only had her. But no problem, better one than none ^^
Why Shinji take so much pics of this packaging stuff is a secret to me.... ok lets switch to the box contents. I go straight ahead with it !
Before look at the girl, we look at her seat. Its shaped so that she could sit on this exactly and don´t fall of that stuff when seated. That´s clever for sure ^^
That´s what Shinji called a "Cuteness-Meltdown", i say only cute, but i am sure some of you guys get a nosebleed about this figure. I am happy to have her at my home too, but i don´t drool around her.
Let´s rotate and watch her. Cool stuff are her feet. Look at this nice socks. It´s very realistic. Also the cute Hairstyle is nice made. This girl is really high quality. We only paid less then 10 Euro for her, so it was a very good buy ^^
Her dress, in waitress style, is made really good. That looks adorable and nice. Wait a moment. Shinji should hold her so we can look closer to her.
Don´t look her pantsu !!! Shinji-BAKA don´t hold her so high next time !!!
Ok time to sit her down again. I should not get Shinji to hold the girls, he always make them look nasty, and i want them to look nice only. What´s the nicest part of a girl ? Guess !
Sure it´s her eyes. The eyes of a girl are her best weapon. I can not beat Shinji with my EVA anytime (sure i can but i would not kill him). But i can beat Shinji every time with one look at his eyes. He can´t resist my sight ^^
Those white marks are no errors at her. She was eating and mess around, you see this later !
Here the table, you see she had a milkshake and mess around, so there also white marks on the table. Thats cute and realistic. There is no perfection out there (except me of course !!!). 
One final view on her. Nice girl, don´t you agree ? You agree cause Asuka-san want to ^^
Oh yes, Shinji get another girl of this Series too, but from another scenery. OK we look at Matsuri too.
Again this massive number of box pictures. OK if Shinji have fun with this kind of unboxing, and this here is his blog so i let him do. But o.k. i made my signature on the blog too. You noticed the new name ? It´s now IKARI´s WORLD. My idea, and matches more my name of course ^^
Also recognized the new background ? That was made with help of my "Onii-chan" +Daniel Pettersson ^.-
Thanks Daniel for give my hus this advice and help him to make the blog look more professional ^^
Original Pic source of background found here.
On back you see her like she would look, if we get her out of this "box" ^^
No more packaging shots PLS... Shinji-kun avoid this next time, it´s sooooo boring -.-
As you see her chair is shaped for her exactly. So she sits comforted on this ! I like that, and make the figure more stable than a flat chair. 
Thats really cute and has really good style. The dog she hold make her look very adorable and her eyes make her "cute as hell", like Shinji would say ^^
One rotation please ! So she look like a vet, thats a cool cosplay i find. I personally don´t do this dressing stuff, but i am sure if i dress up like that Shinji got a heart attack *lol*
That´s very well made. The hair-color is interesting. I prefer red-brown, but i think it´s cool that she is two colored so i like it.
Funny view how she hold the dog, and her dress are made very realistic with the many folds, like if she is real. I think that´s why Shinji and i like these figures so much. It´s like having a little family around us. Shinji love his girls really, and as long it´s only figures i don´t mind. Anyway, i am not jealous at all, cause i know i am the cutest girl he could get so no danger for me ^^
Lets see her eyes and face, and i must say: cute !!!
The dog looks cool too. I think that´s a very nice figure for our collection. I am a bit thankful to Shinji that he bought me these figures. But don´t tell him pls ^.-
Even they both not from the same scenery series, the match good, don´t you agree ? The both from the same manga, so i show you them together. And they both sit together in our shelf.
I hope you like them, as i do. If not, i order you to like them ^^

I wish you a nice sunday and to do Shinji a favor i finish with his "be lovely....." sentence ^^